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Shoe storage ideas: how to store shoes safely (and attractively)

Find great shoe storage ideas and discover how to organise shoes to keep your home clutter-free.


By Cleanipedia Team

Shoe storage ideas: how to store shoes safely
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We all have shoes we don't wear every day, from wellies to impressively high heels. Piling all of them up in the entrance hall can get a bit chaotic and is not the best way to store shoes. However, we have some great shoe storage ideas and if you read on, we’ll show you how to organise shoes to make the most of your space and keep your home clutter-free.

The best way to store shoes that you do not wear regularly is to make some underbed DIY shoe storage. Don’t forget to donate those you don’t use and save space that way, too!

Top tips for how to store shoes

When it comes to shoe storage ideas, there are few easy steps you can follow to make sure that your shoes stay organised and tidy:

  1. Don’t leave them on the floor. Not only does this make it easy for them to get knocked about and end up strewn around your home, but it can make it hard to pair them up if they’re all in a pile together. It doesn’t look great, either.

  2. Organise your shoes by type. For example, trainers or sportswear, high heels and special occasion shoes etc. This will allow you to quickly pick out what you need once they are put into storage.

  3. Utilise the space under your bed. Create a DIY shoe storage box for under your bed to allow the space in your wardrobe, under the stairs and in the hallway to be used for other things.

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Easy shoe rack ideas you can make at home

If you’re wondering how to organise shoes on a budget, why not try making a DIY shoe rack? Take a look at our DIY shoe storage ideas so you can decide on the best way to store shoes at home:

1. Turn wire coat hangers into the perfect storage solution for flats and sandals.

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  • Cut off the bottom piece of the coat hanger.

  • Use pliers to curl up the ends (you could even make a fancy swirly pattern if you like!)

  • Thongs of flipflops, toe ends of flats and more can be hung in pairs on each side.

2. Use baskets under your bed labelled for each family member.

  • You can place pieces of carboard from edge to edge to keep pairs separate.

  • Pop the basket under the bed until it is needed.

3. Create a shoe pyramid using old pallet wood.

This storage solution takes a bit more work to create but isn’t as hard as you might think.

  • Break a pallet into individual boards.

  • Start with a small shelf at the stop for one pair, making each shelf below slightly bigger.

  • Use four pieces of wood to create two upside-down V shapes to attach to the front and back of your shelves and keep them stable.

  • Not only is this a fun DIY choice – it also utilises empty wall space, allowing you to keep shoes in pairs while stacking them.

Now you have our top tips for how to store shoes and we've shown you the best way to store shoes (in our opinion at least!), you can be sure to keep your home organised and clutter-free.

Key Steps

  • Organise shoes by type.

  • Utilise empty space such as building storage up a wall or storing shoes under your bed.

  • Turn old wire coat hangers into storage for flipflops and flats.

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