Simple wall décor ideas

Find out how to decorate a wall using a variety of different techniques, from wall hangings to fun picture frames.


Colourful wallpaper as a wall decor idea

Key Steps

  • Create handmade fabric wall hangings, paintings and more.
  • Make the wall a feature with fun, bright wallpaper.
  • Put up a picture gallery of your favourite family photos.
  • Use large mirrors to add a focal point and make a room feel bigger.
  • Upcycle old windows to create fun, unique photo frames.

If you’re looking for wall décor ideas, you’ve come to the right place! If you’ve decided to decorate a large, plain wall it’s a great way to instantly cheer up a room and add a personal touch to your home. Within this article we will show you how to decorate a wall using different techniques from wall hangings to creating a picture gallery.

If you want to hide fuse boxes or alarm panels, why not hang a canvas over it on a hinge? This will allow access while adding colour and excitement to your wall.

How to decorate a wall without paint

If you don’t want to paint the walls, there are other ways that you can decorate to add both a personal element and a piece of fun to your home. Here are our top wall covering ideas without using paint.

  • Fabric wall hangings are great wall covering ideas to add a pop of colour. Wrap fabric of your choice around a canvas or foam board, glue or staple it in place and hang it up as a feature piece.
  • Canvases can be bought in so many varieties or made at home with your family. Get creative with paint, coloured paper and more to make handmade artwork to add something extra to your home.
  • Paintings are another great addition to decorate your home. Whether you purchase pieces from your favourite artist or frame your children’s artwork, there are plenty of options to brighten up your home.

Top three large wall décor ideas

If you have a large wall in your home that feels bare and boring, there are three easy ways to add a splash of colour and joy to your wall.

  1. Get artistic. If you’ve got a creative streak, why not get out some paint and a paintbrush? Paint a scene of your favourite outdoor spot or create a pretty repeated pattern with a stencil in a variety of bright, fun colours.
  2. Find a wallpaper you like to create a feature wall. You can get wallpaper in so many different colours and styles, from floral to animals or just brightly coloured geometric patterns. Use this on one wall to add a feature to the room.
  3. Create a gallery wall. This is one of the best ways to add a personal touch to your home. Print your favourite photos and use various shaped and sized frames to display them together in your own personal gallery.

Easy bedroom wall decor ideas

Your bedroom should be a relaxing sanctuary you can retreat to at the end of the day. Here are our top tips for decorating your bedroom to keep a relaxing atmosphere.

  • Hang a large mirror. Not only is this great for getting ready, it works well to make the room feel bigger and less claustrophobic.
  • Turn an old window into a photo frame. If you visit your local recycling centre, you may be surprised at the things you can find. Upcycle old window frames to match your room and create a fun and unique place to display your favourite photos.

With our top tips and inspiration for home wall décor you can be sure to brighten up every room, and add that all-important personal touch to your home.

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