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Small space living: 10 hacks to make the most of small spaces

We’ve got loads of handy storage ideas for small spaces including the perfect type of shelving and how you really can fit everything you own into a tiny house.


By Cleanipedia Team

Small space living: 10 hacks to make the most of small spaces

Finding space and calm in a small home can be difficult, but it’s not impossible to create a calmer, more organised atmosphere simply through clever storage and decluttering. If you are struggling to find room to live alongside your possessions in a small flat or house, we’ve got some small space living tips for you.  

It’s easy for dirt and dust to build up in small spaces. Be sure to clean regularly with an effective anti-bacterial spray.

How concerned are you about disinfecting while cleaning?

10 storage ideas for small spaces

Own more stuff than you (think you) can fit? There’s usually a little bit more space in which to put storage that you hadn’t yet thought about. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Put thin shelves on rollers between white goods (for example between the washer and dryer) and place household products such as detergent on them.
  2. Utilise the space under the stairs.
  3. Try a floor-level bookshelf under the bed.
  4. Use small jars attached to magnets to store herbs and condiments on your fridge.
  5. Install cabinet draws underneath the units, in the dead space between the cabinet and the floor.
  6. Buy hanging shelves to put in your cabinets to double the storage space.
  7. Fix hooks to the inside of cupboard doors and use them to hang up utensils.
  8. Attach hat boxes to bathroom walls to hold toilet paper or fresh towels.
  9. Put up a rail and some clippers in the shower and use them to hang up beauty products.
  10. Use nails in the walls to hang pots and pans on an empty wall.

Living room ideas for small spaces: Increasing storage in the heart of the house

It’s easy to forget about the storage capacity of living rooms as we think of this more as a space for socialising and relaxing. However, it’s worth considering what extra capacity can be utilised in this area if you’re stuck for extra space. For example, lots of sofa sets now come with inbuilt storage where the seating lifts up to reveal boxes in which you can put books or DVDS. Or why not invest in a coffee table that doubles as a large storage box? This can be a great space for little odds and ends that don’t really fit anywhere else.

Got a tiny house? Ideas for increasing your storage space

If you’re one of those riding the tiny house wave and have yourself a super compact space, it can be difficult to fit all your possessions in. Difficult, but not impossible! Here are some tips for maximising space in a tiny house:

  1. Get floor-to-ceiling book shelves to use your space vertically.
  2. Add a mezzanine where you can put extra stuff, or even a bedroom.
  3. Utilise the space under the stairs with shelving to get as much in there as possible (without creating a mess).
  4. Use every spare bit of storage – think behind the toilet, under the sink, behind doors, etc.

So, whether you live in a tiny house or just a pretty small one, never fear. There are always space saving ideas that will help you reduce the clutter and give you more chance to enjoy your home. Try out these ideas and you’ll notice that lots of good things can happen in small spaces!

  • Look for under-utilised spaces in your home.
  • Use dual purpose furniture that is both functional and provides storage.
  • Consider floor-to-ceiling shelving to really up your storage capacity.
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