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Spring cleaning checklist and how to declutter your life

It's Spring Cleaning time! If the urge to declutter your life has struck, read on for a step-by-step guide and spring cleaning checklist from Cleanipedia!


By Cleanipedia Team

spring cleaning checklist & how to declutter your life

Key Steps:

Before you begin your spring clean, make sure you’re stocked up on house cleaning supplies – We recommend products by Cif, Domestos, and Persil. Always ensure that you test any new cleaning product on a small area first and follow the instructions on the bottle. Handy products to keep in supply include:

  • Anti-bacterial spray
  • Kitchen spray
  • Bleach
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Multi purpose spray
  • Floor cleaner
  • Laundry detergent
  • Washing up Liquid

When the sun comes out, the days get longer, and six layers are no longer necessary for all basic human functions, it’s a great time to spring clean your life and clear your clutter. Decluttering and having a good spring clean is both hygienic and a great mood lifter – just see how much better you feel when the house is shining and all that extraneous clutter is cleared away! Here is our spring cleaning checklist for a clean and clutter-free home. 

When cleaning the kitchen as part of your spring clean, the task you probably dread the most is cleaning the oven. But, with a product specially designed to tackle tough oven grease, like Cif Oven Cleaner, the job will be made a lot easier. Just be sure to always follow the instructions on the label of your product.

How concerned are you about disinfecting while cleaning?

Spring Cleaning Checklist

There are two stages to any good spring clean: first, decluttering, and second, a thorough spring cleaning. Our spring cleaning checklist takes you through both stages to help you achieve a streamlined and sparkling living space.

Stage 1: Declutter your life

  1. The simplest way of resolving accumulated clutter is the Four-Box Method. Gather four boxes (or, if you prefer, three boxes and one bin bag). Designate the boxes ‘Put away’, ‘Give away/ Sell’, and ‘Put in storage’, and use the other bag or box for items that will be disposed of. Remember that you can recycle cardboard, paper, plastic, and glass items, and that charity shops will be happy to receive donations of clean, unbroken goods, furniture, and clothing!
  1. Working room by room, systematically clear your clutter, consigning each item to the appropriate box.
  1. As you finish each room, set aside some time to sort all the ‘Put away’ and ‘Storage’ items into their appropriate places. When spring cleaning your life, it’s helpful to put winter clothing and other items such as blankets away into storage to increase space and enable easier access to your spring and summer garments.
  1. If your home often feels cluttered, now would be a good time to look at new storage solutions – stackable plastic boxes for magazines, papers or miscellaneous items, hanging storage for clothes, boxes or shelving for books, kitchen items, or craft materials.
  1. Stack the ‘Give away/ Sell’ items in an out-of-the-way place, such as your loft or garage. Ensure these are taken to charity shops or make arrangements for their sale as soon as possible.

Stage 2: Spring clean your life

Once the clutter clearing is out of the way, now is the time to thoroughly spring clean your life! Here is our spring cleaning checklist for five key areas of your home.

1) Floors:

  • Vacuum carpets thoroughly.
  • Sweep and mop any hard, wooden, tiled or surfaced floors using appropriate detergents. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions, and wear gloves to protect your hands – and old clothes if you’re worried about getting dirty. When using a detergent or natural cleaner, always test a small and inconspicuous area first.

2) Windows:

  • Clean all windows using a purpose-made window cleaner. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions first.
  • You may also like to clean the curtains – in your washing machine if they are machine-washable (check the label), or at a dry cleaner’s.

3) Furniture and shelving:

  • Remove all items from shelves, tables, and other pieces of furniture and wipe them down. (This is also a good time to work on decluttering your home!)
  • Polish wood and clean plastic surfaces with disinfectant spray.

4) Bathroom: Thoroughly disinfect and scrub sinks, toilets, shower cubicles, baths, and so on. Wash mats and rugs – we have a great article about how to clean shower mats and rugs

5) Kitchen:

  • Clear out the fridge, cupboards, and drawers (following the ‘declutter your life’ method above!)Clean all interiors and surfaces with anti-bacterial cleaner or specialist products where appropriate (oven cleaner, for example).
  • Check out our article about how to deep clean your kitchen for more advice! Wash all tea towels, oven gloves, and so on – it’s important to wash these frequently. Replace any kitchen sponges.

Complete Spring Clean Checklist

Is your home now less cluttered?

Have items been stored, sold, or given away?

Have the rooms in your home been cleaned thoroughly?

Then it’s time to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine! 

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