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Stag party ideas at home

With good preparation and some easy stag do games, you can throw a fun and successful stag do at home.


Empty Pizza boxes and beer bottles

Key steps

  • Buy food and drink when it is on offer.
  • Only invite a small number of guests.
  • Have a plan in place including timings and games.
  • Recycle empty bottles, cans and containers.
  • Keep a bin bag at the ready for rubbish.
  • Use Cif to tackle sticky spills and general post-party cleaning.

Just because you’re planning a stag do doesn’t mean you have to trawl around the city looking for clubs and bars. There are some great stag night ideas which with the right preparation will guarantee a successful and affordable night at home. Here you will find top tips for how to host a genuinely fun stag party in your house; and how to manage the clean up afterwards.

Have bin bags at the ready for tidying up any mess left behind and versatile cleaning products like Cif to clean up when the stag do ends.


Domestos kills all known germs & viruses dead

Top stag party ideas for partying at home

If you’re looking for an affordable way to throw a stag party, these cheap stag do ideas make for one that’s fun and successful as well as on-budget.

  • Keep an eye out for when food and drink is on offer. A great way to save money is to plan the food and drink in advance so you’re ready to stock up whenever you see things on offer at the supermarket. This will be much cheaper than waiting until the last minute and buying at full price.
  • Consider a smaller guest list. While it would be great to have every friend and family member invited, it can become very expensive the more people who attend. Consider the space available and ask the groom to invite guests to a number that will fit in the home.
  • Make sure you have a plan in place. Planning out the night from timings to stag do games to food will ensure that the whole night goes off without a hitch. Having plenty of fun things in the pipeline will also stop anyone getting bored and wanting to go out (which is not the best way to save money!) Some ideas for stag do games could include:
    • Mr and Mrs quiz. Why not come up with some fun and increasingly embarrassing rounds of questions to see how much the groom really knows about his future wife. Be sure to make sure you save the answers to have a laugh with the bride after!
    • Toy soldier. This is a pretty easy game to arrange, as all you need is some little green toy soldiers and a list of forfeits. At the beginning of the stag night every guest is given a toy soldier. Throughout the night anyone can call out “toy soldier!” and everyone must assume the stance of their toy soldier. Last to do so must complete a forfeit.
    • Send to all. Agree with everyone a no phones rule for the night. Anyone found on their phone agrees to let the groom send a text of his choice to everyone in that person’s phone book!
  • Make introductions before the stag do. It is likely that as the guests will come from different areas of the groom’s life, some of them will not know each other. Consider a social media or messaging group with all the guests so everyone can introduce themselves ahead of the stag do.

Cleaning up after a stag night: ideas to make it as painless as possible

Whether you are throwing a stag do in your own home or the groom’s, there is likely to be other parties who live within the house you will have to consider when the stag do comes to an end.

  • Make sure that empty glass bottles, cans and containers are recycled appropriately.
  • Use bin bags to gather up any mess and ensure that the house is tidy.
  • Good quality, multi-purpose products like Cif cream will make light work of sticky, dried drink spills and grubby marks on a range of surfaces.

With these cheap stag do ideas and games, you can be sure to throw a successful stag party at home.

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