Table decoration ideas for special occasions

Read here to discover party table ideas and advice so you can pull off your event without a hitch.


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Key Steps

  • Consider the type of event you are hosting, and plan decorations accordingly.
  • Keep tables sparkling and hygienic first with an antibacterial cleaner like Cif
  • Keep your table settings uniform with matching cutlery and tableware.
  • Make sure you stay safe if using candles as part of the décor.

When you’re preparing for an event during which guests are required to sit down for dinner, dinner table décor is almost as important as providing a good meal. From centrepiece inspiration to using a seating plan, here you can find party table ideas to pull off the best event without a hitch.

When choosing your dinner table décor, make sure you consider how everything works together on the table. Avoid colour or pattern clashes between settings and centrepieces.

Dinner party table decoration ideas

You may think you don’t need to make too much of an effort for a dinner party you’re hosting for friends. However, these table setting ideas will show you how a little effort goes a long way to creating a fabulous dinner party that will be talked about for months. Always remember to clean down surfaces first with an antibacterial cleaner, like Cif Power & Shine Antibacterial spray.

  1. Make sure your tableware matches. From matching place settings, to plates to cutlery, having matching sets for each guest will bring uniformity to your table.
  2. Make a statement. Whether you choose a beautiful table cloth, have a bright, eye-catching table runner or simple choose crystal glasses, there are many ways to make your table layout stand out.
  3. Add seasonal flowers. A small vase filled with bright, seasonal flowers is a great way to add a bit of colour to your table. Make sure that you keep them below the eye-line though, so they don’t stop people from speak to each other around the table.
  4. Get crafty. Why not try making your own mason jar tealight candle holder or another handmade table decoration? These not only look great but are also the perfect conversation starter, and they could even be used as gifts for guests.
If the weather is nice, why not host your dinner outside? Check out our best ideas for decorating your garden for a party here.

Top tips for choosing wedding table settings

If you’re looking for party table ideas for one of the biggest days in your life, then make sure you check out our tips below:

  • Consider the size of your venue. If you have chosen a big, bold venue, choose statement pieces to decorate. Bold colours and oversized floral centrepieces are the perfect wedding table settings here. Alternatively, for more intimate receptions, a tall vase with a single flower could be all that is needed.
  • Tie the decorations into the theme of your wedding. Whether you have chosen a seasonal theme like spring or winter wonderland, or even something specific to you as a couple, be sure to fit your decorations to it.
  • Stay safe. Always double check with the venue what options you have available to you, especially if you are considering using candles within your centrepieces or décor.

Now you have some of our top table setting ideas and advice for events from dinner parties to weddings. With our inspiration and tips, you can be sure to put together an event that everyone will love and enjoy.

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