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Home fragrances to boost your soul

The best ways to fragrance your home and lift your mood.


By Cleanipedia Team

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Home fragrance doesn’t just help to mask the delightful aroma of eau de wet dog or fried mackerel. It can also help to lift your mood, blow away that lingering dark cloud and recharge your batteries. Keep reading for what scents to choose and how to use them. 


There’s a reason so many cleaning products smell like lemon. It’s clean, fresh, and cuts through unpleasant smells. The scent of lemon has also been shown to give you a mental boost – perfect for when you’re having a ‘brain fog’ kind of day. Think of it as the aromatherapy version of a strong coffee – just without the caffeine or washing up.


Grapefruit and other citrus scents may help to increase your serotonin (AKA happiness hormone) levels and decrease your stress levels (and they’re cheaper than a punching bag).


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Geranium is known for relieving anxiety and uplifting your spirits. It’s the Marmite of the aromatherapy world, however – you’ll either love it or hate it, so don’t bulk buy before you try.


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Lavender is well-known for its ability to help you drop off to sleep at night, but did you know it’s also handy if you just need to kick back and relax? Think of it like a good foot massage – gentle, relaxing and goes great with a glass of wine. 


Working from home? Try peppermint to wake you up and boost your brainpower (it won’t stop you getting distracted by housework, pets or delivery drivers though).


Rose is the scent to try if you’re feeling a bit blue, as it can help to ease your worries and lift your spirits. If you needed an excuse to treat yourself to some flowers, now you have it.

Other essential oils to try include eucalyptus, bergamot and rosemary. Why not combine two or more essential oils to make your own home fragrance blend?

The best way to fragrance your home

Now you know what scents to choose, you just need to decide how to use them. The best way to fragrance your home depends on how strong an aroma you like and how long you want it to last.

  • Scented candles, home fragrance oil burners and wax melt burners can fill a room with fragrance for hours at a time, but you do need to keep an eye on them.

  • Air freshener sprays are useful if you need to freshen your home quickly, but the scent only lasts for a few minutes.   

  • Plug-in or battery-powered air-fresheners are good for long-lasting home fragrance as each one can last for weeks. They release a burst of fragrance at set intervals.

  • Reed diffusers and potpourri tend to have quite subtle fragrances, but again they can last for a month or more so are definitely worth considering.

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How to make your own air freshener

When you come to make air freshener sprays, there are some easy homemade air freshener recipes, and many will use lemon as citrus smells smell fresh, are associated with cleanliness and will last the longest. Here are three top recipes you can try at home:

  1. Mason jar air freshener diffuser: Mix the lemon zest from one to two lemons with fifteen drops of lemon essential oil and a ¼ cup of baking soda. Cover the jar with a breathable cloth, secured with a ribbon. This zesty homemade air freshener will last for around one month.

  2. Homemade air freshener spray: Fill a medium-sized spray bottle about halfway with distilled water, then add a ¼ cup of vodka and ten drops of essential oils of your choice. Shake to mix thoroughly. These can then be used all over the house and also saved for later.

  3. Potpourri: Combine dried leaves, flowers, and petals with between ten and twenty drops of essential oils. Pop the mix into a jar and close the lid. Leave it for around seven days, allowing the scent of the essential oils to soak in. Finally, simply place your potpourri into a bowl to smell great anywhere in your home.

Want more sweet-smelling scents in your life? Try these natural home fragrance recipes.

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