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Inspired ideas to create good feng shui in your bedroom

Sleep better with our top tips for creating a restful space that’s just oozing with calm vibes.


By Cleanipedia Team

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You probably spend more time in your bedroom than anywhere else in your house, so why not make sure it’s as relaxing as it can be. Use our favourite feng shui tips to turn your bedroom into a haven of tranquillity and relaxation.

Find the best position for the bed

According to feng shui principles, the ideal place for the bed is opposite the bedroom door, but not directly in line with it. You’ll want space on three sides of the bed, with the headboard against a solid wall (though not one with a bathroom behind it). Set up this way, you feel secure and relaxed which will guarantee a restful night’s sleep.

Get rid of the clutter

Having a messy bedroom isn’t going to help anyone unwind, but there is more to a feng shui bedroom than just tidying up. Check whether there are any objects that have bad associations or call to mind painful memories and banish these from your space (these can affect you subconsciously and unsettle your sleep). Conversely, welcome any possessions that have positive connotations. Surround your room with these – and why not try these drawer organising ideas while you’re at it?

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Exile the electronics

The bedroom isn’t the place for using screens (TV, computer, phone, etc.). As well as the stimulation it can give you brain, in feng shui lore electromagnetic fields are harmful and disruptive to the positive energy in your home. If you must have your phone or electric alarm clock in the room then keep it at least three feet from the bed. If you have to have your desk in your bedroom place it so any monitors don’t directly face the bed, and make sure to cover them before lights out.

Pick the right colours

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Using feng shui bedroom colours will help to create as peaceful an environment as possible. According to feng shui colour theory, earth tones are your best bet as they promote relaxation and don’t “argue” with any other stronger colours you may be using. These more forceful tones might include reds to add a sensual element or blues and greens which are good for promoting healing and vitality. If you want to dig deeper, you can find a colour scheme based on your feng shui birth element, or draw up a bagua map to find out the energy layout of your home (which will tell you which colours are best to use where). Most importantly, make sure you pick a colour you feel comfortable with, as you’ll be the one living with it every day. If a hygge home is more your thing, try these home decorating ideas.

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