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10 things every utility room needs

Wondering what a utility room really needs? Here are the utility room essentials (plus one nice to have addition) that are sure to make your life easier.


By Cleanipedia Team

Utility room, featuring a washing machine, shelving and a sink
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Designing a utility room isn’t as easy as it first seems. How many units do you need? Where are you going to dry your laundry? And do you really need another sink to clean? If you’re searching for utility room ideas, you’re in the right place.

1. Utility room units

One of the most important things to include in your utility room is storage, storage and a bit more storage. Before working on your utility room layout planner, try to decide what you want to keep in the room. There are the usual suspects – your iron, kitchen gadgets that seemed like a great idea when you bought them but that hardly ever get used (hello fondue set and bread maker), cleaning products and so on. And then there are all the extras that you don’t really know where else to store, like craft tools and unwanted gifts you don’t want to look at but feel too guilty to pass on. If you have plenty of storage space in your utility room, it’ll be a lot easier to keep the rest of the house clutter-free. Whether you go for sleek fitted cupboards, freestanding rustic dressers or utilitarian metal units will depend on the overall look you want to create. However, make sure you have at least one cupboard that’s tall enough for the broom, vacuum cleaner and mop.

2. Shelves

Did we mention the importance of storage? While you’ll want some things hidden away, it’s good to have others within easy reach (ideally housed in labelled jars, wicker baskets or storage boxes). Shelves also help to make the most of your wall space without making the room feel too small.

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3. Your washing machine and tumble dryer

Fed up of noisy spin cycles interrupting your TV viewing pleasure? Hide your washing machine and tumble dryer away in your utility room, close the door and binge watch Netflix in peace.

4. Space for drying clothes

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Not everything can be tumble dried and British winters aren’t exactly ideal for drying clothes outside (unless you enjoy breaking the ice off your tops before you put them on). So you’re going to need somewhere indoors to dry laundry. If you don’t want visitors discussing your delicates, you’ll want to hide that rack away in your utility room. Depending on how much laundry you do, you may want to invest in a heated airer, a ceiling mounted drying rack or a retractable washing line that extends from one wall to another.

5. An extra freezer

If you’re anything like us, your kitchen freezer is full to bursting with everything from frozen peas to mystery ancient leftovers you forgot to label. If you have space for an extra freezer (whether chest or upright) in your utility room, it’ll open up a whole new world of possibilities, from batch cooking to trying as many ice cream flavours as possible in one weekend.

6. Wall hooks

Need small utility room ideas? Wall hooks are your friend. If you’re short on units, you can use hooks to keep your ironing board, clothes airer and other bulky items folded up off the floor. Peg boards with hooks and metal baskets are also handy for smaller items like your dustpan and brush, laundry detergent and cleaning cloths.

7. Recycling bins

Trying to be a bit more eco-friendly at home? Make recycling as easy as possible with stackable bins. It’ll mean sorting out your waste on bin day is a whole lot simpler, and it’ll free up space in your kitchen.

8. A utility room sink

A spare sink is always handy for soaking dishes, scrubbing at stained clothes and parking a well-meaning (but constantly in the way) family member to peel vegetables for Sunday lunch. Speaking of which, you’ll also need:

9. Worktops

Whether you use them for folding clothes or assembling a lasagne, worktops are pretty essential. Choose ones that are easy to wipe clean.

10. A plant

OK, we admit, this isn’t so much an essential, as a nice to have, but a plant will bring colour and beauty into your utility room. And funnily enough we have some tips to help you choose the perfect indoor plant right over here…

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