Our favourite vintage bedroom ideas for a chic and retro sleep space

From shelf displays to upcycling furniture projects, our guide has all the ideas you need to create a vintage bedroom on a budget.


jewelry in vintage dish trays

Antique bedroom accessories can set you back a pretty penny. If you want to achieve the vintage look without splashing out the cash, read on for our favourite vintage bedroom ideas on a budget.

Make the most of old frames

Whether you go for opulent gold or country-style carved wood, old frames are a super easy way to bring that vintage vibe to your bedroom. Most charity shops have a stack of old pictures languishing in a box. Ignore the picture – it’s the frame you’re after. Even plain wooden ones can be given a vintage makeover with a couple of coats of chalk paint and a going over with some wire wool to create a distressed effect. Try displaying a collection of black and white photos of your family members in a variety of frames on the wall above your bed.

Scour the shops for vintage china

An antique china dinner set might be out of your budget, but mismatched plates, cups and bowls can be picked up for a couple of quid each. Vintage china cups look fab as pots for succulents or use them to make your own scented candles. Hang plates on the wall in groups of three. Use a china cake stand to display old perfume bottles, and nab a pretty patterned bowl for your trinkets.

Stack suitcases

Old leather suitcases are handy for storage, so are a clever vintage bedroom idea for a small room. Stack a few on top of each other to use as a bedside table. Look for ones that are fairly battered, ideally with a few stickers on to show where they’ve travelled to.

Pick up sticks

There’s something beautiful about a wooden walking stick worn smooth over the years. One attached to the wall can be handy for hanging scarves and necklaces from, or try putting a few in a large pot for keeping hats and handbags from cluttering up your wardrobe.

Dig out some vintage material

Handy with a needle? Transform old drapes, sheets and tablecloths into upcycled cushions or even curtains for your bedroom window. And vintage clothes with too many stains and tears to wear, can be cut up to make a patchwork cover for your bed. (Include a few embroidered linen napkins for extra vintage appeal.)

Upcycle old furniture

Bigger furniture stores often sell second-hand furniture. Ignore the sagging sofas and MDF tables and you might just find a treasure waiting to be loved. A dark wooden writing bureau can be transformed into a desk or dressing table with a lick of chalk paint and some pretty new drawer pulls. An old pouffe can be brought back to life with a wipe down and upcycled cushion. And a shabby chic sideboard and wardrobe are a whole lot better than a flatpack chest of drawers. Need some more upcycling furniture ideas? Right this way...

Snap up some vintage bedroom accessories

Display candlesticks, crystal wine glasses, leather-bound books, old postcards and other charity shop finds on a dresser or shelf where you can admire them every day. (And keep an eye out for an old feather duster if you don’t want to be sneezing every night – knick-knacks are a real dust magnet.)

Start a collection

An old petrol can, lamp or alarm clock won’t make much of an impact on its own, but a collection of similar items on a high shelf across the whole of a wall? Now that’ll bring the vavavoom to your vintage room.

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