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We’re in love with these inspired vintage cleaning hacks

It’s time to stick on a vintage record and get your home sparkling thanks to these wonderful cleaning ideas from days gone by.


By Cleanipedia Team

lemons sliced on wooden board and sprinkler over green cleaning cloth

When it comes to inspirational cleaning hacks, we reckon the oldies really are the goldies. You can’t beat a vintage cleaning idea for simplicity and being budget friendly - from natural, affordable ingredients to brilliant tried and tested tips passed down the generations, these ideas will help you create your own super effective cleaning armoury. These surprisingly simple and eco-friendly cleaning hacks would make granny super proud! Cue up the vintage record, throw on a floral apron and grab that mandatory mop…

Freshen up the bathroom with this clever toothpaste cleaning hack

If you’re looking to add a bit of sparkle and minty freshness to the bathroom, toothpaste is your perfect partner in crime. Ideal for banishing the soap scum on shower doors or to give the bathroom sink a fresh scented boost, the super white paste is incredibly versatile and makes for a handy cleaning hack. Bathroom fixtures looking a bit dull? Rub the chrome in a circular motion using a squidge of toothpaste on a dry cloth and rinse off. They’ll be shining and you’ll be glowing with pride in no time. Top tip: Use a toothpaste containing bicarbonate of soda to improve the cleaning prowess.

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Looking for a green cleaning idea for sparkling windows and mirrors? Say hello to white vinegar

‘I can see clearly now the scale has gone’. When everything at home is a bit lacklustre, it’s time to call in the services of the queen of clean, the humble white vinegar spray. From brightening the kitchen sink and draining board to shiny streak-free mirrors, shower screens and windows, it’s hard to beat for packing a superhero-style cleaning punch.

Achieve a perfect polish with this simple lemon and olive oil cleaning hack

It’s time to add some zing to your furniture polishing routine with a fruity natural kick of citrus. Either fresh lemon juice or lemon essential oil will do the trick. Perfect for a zesty pick-me-up, mix one part lemon with two parts olive oil. This hack works wonders for polishing furniture using a soft cloth.

Meet liquid vegetable glycerine, your house cleaning secret weapon

Got a bit clumsy with the mustard? No worries. So long to those pesky food stains, liquid glycerine is here to the rescue – the perfect remedy for your food disaster. This natural solvent is a by-product of soap and you’ll find it stocked at most chemists. And the beauty is it works its magic on many types of clothing stains.

For the perfect eco-friendly cleaning allrounder, you can’t beat bicarbonate of soda

You can’t beat this titan of the cleaning world for its multitasking abilities. If you invest in a box of bicarbonate of soda, this wonder powder will help to transform your entire home (with a little bit of elbow grease). From removing stains from kitchen worktops, tea and coffee stains from cups to deodorising fridges and cleaning out the microwave, the possibilities seem endless. Phew! So, there we have it. Bursting with inspiration and requiring little perspiration, these vintage cleaning tips are perfect for everyone, from the total novice to the seasoned cleaning pro.

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