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Weekend updates: quick but transformative DIY projects

Freshen up your home with these fun and easy ideas you can do over just a single weekend.


By Cleanipedia Team

paint cans and brushes on the floor in front of the white wall

From clever cabinet overhauls to cute furniture makeovers, there’s a surprising amount you can achieve in just one weekend. Set aside some time to try a few of our favourite easy DIY projects for the home.

Reinvent a room with bold colour

Add a little pizzazz to a room by painting a single wall. If you choose a bold, bright colour it creates a focal point, expresses a touch of personality and invigorates your home. Best of all, it's a pretty straightforward project to knock out over a weekend. For another quick DIY project that creates an immediate impact, simply paint the front window frames of your home in a contrasting colour.

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Fix up an old chest of drawers

A furniture makeover is a relatively easy and affordable way to acquire a ‘new’ piece for your home. Breathe additional life into an antiquated chest of drawers by giving it a coat of paint (try a fresh, modern colour) and replacing handles. Or why not tackle a piece of old or unused furniture with these practical upcycling tips?

Build a fire pit

A fire pit will add a romantic touch to your back garden as well as providing a place to cosy up to on cool evenings. It’s not complicated – dig a hole, add some gravel, line the sides with bricks and finish off with paving stones around the edge. If you feel like you want to tackle some more outdoor projects check out these upcycling ideas for your garden.

Update a bedside table

If your bedside table is always something of a mess with books, cords and clutter try this easy DIY fix. Use three pieces of wood (two for the side and one longer one for the shelf) and fix it to the top of your bedside table to create a level of extra storage. If you use plywood on the back you can drill holes to allow for cables to come through. If the bedside table is tall enough you can also put in an extra shelf towards the bottom.

Hang your shelves

A shelf suspended by cord or rope makes a great place to put plants and ornaments. Drill holes in a wooden plank and then thread string or nylon cord through them before tying off onto a metal ring. Hang the ring from a hook and voila, you just gave your room a stylish upgrade.

Install dimmer switches

This might not seem the most glamorous of DIY projects for the home but changing up your regular light switches for a dimmer will have dramatic results. You’ll have more flexibility in how you light the room so you can tweak the ambience to exactly how you want it, and it also saves energy. Just make sure you turn the power off and follow the installation instructions carefully.

Whitewash wooden furniture

This is particularly appropriate if you like a country farmhouse or weathered look to your furniture. The procedure is very straightforward: sand down the wood, work in a thin layer of white primer with a cloth and then wipe off any excess with a rag (you might need a few coats to achieve the right effect). The technique also works on doors and floors.

Update your kitchen cabinets

Give your kitchen a loving makeover by simply remodelling the cabinets. Rather than undertaking the expensive job of replacing them, a lick of paint in a new, bright colour will transform the appearance of your kitchen. Even simply replacing handles injects a novel look, while removing the cabinet doors from the upper units will open the shelving up to create a clean and airy impression. Don’t have much space? Check out these smart ways to make the most of a small kitchen.

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