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7 handy kitchen hacks – from cleaning to storage

Read on to discover our top 7 kitchen life hacks that’ll help you to create your dream space.


By Cleanipedia Team

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Kitchen life hacks are a great way to make your kitchen space cleaner, more organized and a stress-free zone! We’ve put together our top seven tips to help you achieve kitchen bliss and make the most of the room you have.

  1. Kitchen hacks for easier cleaning: The first of our tips is less of a hack and more of a piece of life advice: always keep a cupboard fully stocked with easy-to-reach cleaning products that you use frequently, such as Cif Power & Shine Kitchen Spray and Domestos Multipurpose Bleach Spray. These staple items are essential and make cleaning easier and quicker. This is the first of many kitchen hacks that’ll give you a far easier cleaning routine.

  2. Dishwasher cleaning hacks to remove stuck food: Getting rid of the stuck food from the bottoms of your pots and pans is essential to keeping your dishwasher working properly and making sure everything comes out sparklingly clean. A simple hack to remove the really tough food involves dryer sheets and boiling water.

    • Simply lay two dryer sheets on the bottom of your pan and pour a good amount of boiling water over the top. Leave to sit for around two hours before emptying. The food will scrape right off and the pan will be ready to be popped in the dishwasher!

  3. Kitchen hacks for cleaning sponges: Sponges are one of the most germ-covered objects in your kitchen, so making sure you sanitize them is essential. Simply pop yours in the microwave for two minutes, ensuring first of all that it’s wet and doesn’t contain any metal. This’ll get rid of all those pesky germs!

  4. Cleaning grooves in kitchen cabinet hacks: If you’ve got grooves and crevices in your kitchen cabinets, or on any of your kitchen surfaces, you’ll know the problem with crumbs, dust and grime. It’s so difficult to get them out of these little gaps!

    • Luckily, there’s an easy way to deal with it. Simply wrap a butter knife in a soft rag and scrape it through the gaps. This’ll get out all the little bits without damaging the cabinets or surfaces.

  5. Kitchen storage hacks for utensils: If your utensils are in a jumble, this is one of the kitchen organization hacks for you. Use a strong glue to attach a pin board to the inside of the door of your cabinet. Then, with tools such as measuring cups, tie little loops of string into the holes in the handles. Put pins in the pin board and hang up the tools by the string. Easy!

  6. Clutter-free small kitchen organization hacks: If you’ve got limited kitchen counter space, you’ll know it can become cluttered very quickly. To tidy things up, get a stylish-looking tray that fits with the interior design of your space and pop items such as tea and coffee jars, salt and pepper and oils onto it. You can get matching jars to keep it looking neat.

  7. Pantry organization hacks for easier storage: If you struggle to find items you need in your pantry, use labelled baskets. With big labels on the front facing outwards, you’ll never find it difficult to locate what you need ever again! Have baskets with labels such as ‘Rice’, ‘Spices’, ‘Tinned beans’ and everything else for top pantry organization. 

Keep on top of little spillages in the kitchen to avoid having to get rid of stubborn stains, burnt-on food and possibly even pests. Always have a dedicated cleaning sponge and a good cleaner like Cif Power & Shine Kitchen Spray handy to make light work of the cleaning job.

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