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Extremely handy oven cleaning hacks

Oven cleaning will become easier to do with our oven cleaning hacks for a sparkling clean oven.


By Cleanipedia Team

dish in clean oven

Oven cleaning is often a task we dread and avoid. It can be a long hard job, and requires time and elbow grease, something we don’t always have; meaning that we leave it undone for too long. This doesn’t have to be the case though, and these tips and oven cleaning hacks will help you get a clean oven quickly and easily.

Getting a clean oven doesn’t have to be an arduous task, and using specialist products like Cif Oven Cleaner is an easy way to clean oven doors and interiors.

How concerned are you about disinfecting while cleaning?

3 tips for cleaning oven doors and interiors

There are 3 main tips you need to bear in mind when taking the steps towards a clean oven.

  1. Always remove the oven racks first, and clean them separately.
  2. Keep the room well ventilated, especially if you’re using products like ammonia.
  3. Use grime-busting specialist products like Cif Oven Cleaner as an easy way to clean oven doors and interiors as well as to scrub out stubborn stains.

2 homemade solutions to clean the oven

These 2 recipes are great homemade cleaners to achieve a sparkling clean oven.

  1. Heat your oven to gas mark 2 then ensure both the gas and pilot light are turned off before proceeding. Pop a large pot of boiling water on the bottom rack with a dish containing a cup of ammonia on the top rack. Leave it to rest overnight. In the morning, leave the door open for around 15 minutes. Add a couple teaspoons of dish soap to your leftover ammonia, plus one litre of water and use this mixture with a scrubbing pad to clean the remaining grease.
  2. Empty your oven and take out the oven racks. Mix ½ cup of baking soda with three tablespoons of water (or enough to create a paste). Spread the mixture over the interior of the oven taking care to avoid the heating elements. Allow it to sit for approximately 12 hours or leave it overnight; then use a damp cloth to wipe away the grease and leftover mixture. 
If you have any stubborn areas, white vinegar is great at helping shift the grease as it reacts with the baking soda.

3 top tips to maintain a clean oven

Once you have a nice clean oven, the last thing you want to happen is for it to get dirty immediately after. These 3 tips will help you keep it cleaner for longer.

  1. Always line the base of your oven with an oven sheet or foil to catch any unwanted mess.
  2. Roast meat and fish in cooking bags to prevent fat spitting in your oven.
  3. After you’re finished cooking, pop a bowl of water in on a high heat for around 20 minutes. After it has cooled, wipe the oven down with a paper towel.

Now that you have some great tips for cleaning oven doors and interiors, you can stop avoiding the task and get a clean oven ready for the next time you use it.

Key Steps

  • Don’t forget to keep the room well ventilated whilst you clean the oven.
  • Keep specialist products like Cif Oven Cleaner handy to get a clean oven fast.
  • Always remove oven racks and clean them down separately.

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