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How to clean a bamboo steamer

Using a bamboo steamer is easy and makes food taste delicious! With the right care and cleaning they can last for years - find out how to clean yours here!


By Cleanipedia Team

How to clean a bamboo steamer
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Key Steps:

  1. A (clean!) nailbrush is a handy tool for cleaning bamboo steamers.

  2. Use cleaning solutions sparingly to avoid damaging the bamboo.

  3. Regularly wipe down your bamboo steamer to prevent stuck-on food from building up.

We are becoming more and more accustomed to whipping up food from around the world in our own kitchens ­– meaning there is the need to have food-related utensils from abroad. Bamboo steamers have become fashionable in recent years, as practical gadgets, that also looks good on the dinner table. However, how to clean a bamboo steamer basket may be unknown territory for many Brits. Follow these tips on cleaning a bamboo steamer to ensure you can enjoy your tasty, homemade, Chinese cuisine:

To avoid the need for excessive cleaning in the first place, try lining the bamboo steamer, so that food does not come into direct contact with the surface, to begin with. Wax or baking paper can be used as a liner or, if preferred, lettuce leaves or fragrance-free dampened wipes .

Cleaning a Bamboo Steamer ­– Quick, Light, and Often


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Before you begin cleaning, consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for your bamboo steamer. If possible, take note of these before throwing away or recycling the packaging.

As is often the case with kitchenware, regular and timely cleaning will generally avert the need for a thorough clean. Straight after use, the food steamer should be rinsed using hot water, preferably using a cloth, rather than directly exposing the steamer to the water.

How to Clean Bamboo Steamer Basket: Lingering Smells

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Use of vinegar should remove the smell of food while also dislodging it. However, if a smell does linger, or if the use of dish detergent has left a little flavour, try steaming the basket, with half a lemon placed inside it.

There you have it, your bamboo steamer should be clean, and ready to be loaded up with delicious food!

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