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The ultimate guide to cleaning and organising your kitchen cupboards

Tackle the kitchen cupboard clutter once and for all with our handy hints and tips that will leave them sparkling and organised.


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Do your kitchen cupboards house a glut of random kitchen items that make finding things difficult and cooking a faff? You’re not alone. Don’t close the door on the problem – our essential guide on kitchen organisation will help you get your cabinets gleaming and contents ordered into a chef-worthy space you can be proud of.

Cleaning kitchen cupboards

It might not be top of your list of fun things to do, but cleaning kitchen cabinets isn’t as difficult or as time-consuming as you might think. Empty them first, then follow our cleaning tips to tackle all the culprits lurking in your cupboards.

  • Grease build-up is a common problem in kitchen cupboards, but the powerful grease-cutting qualities of undiluted white vinegar mean it’s easily removed. Using a clean, dry, microfibre cloth, dip into some vinegar and wipe down the greasy patches. Rinse your cloth with warm water and give the cupboard another wipe down, drying the surfaces with a paper towel.
  • Sticky spillages from condiment jars can be tricky to shift. In a bowl, mix equal parts baking powder and water into a thick paste and apply with a cloth to the sticky stain and leave to dry. Next, scrub with an old damp toothbrush and rinse away with a cloth and cold water.
  • Mould in kitchen cupboards can be a problem if left untreated. Luckily, a bleaching product like Domestos multipurpose bleach spray will kill germs and remove any mould. Spray liberally onto the affected area and leave to work for a few minutes before wiping away and rinsing with a clean cloth. To avoid any mould returning, make sure your kitchen has plenty of ventilation whether by using an extractor fan or opening windows.
  • Dirt and grime are part and parcel of many a cluttered kitchen cupboard. It’s easily resolved with a dirt-busting product like Cif Ultrafast Kitchen Spray or can be wiped away using hot soapy water and a sponge, and rinsed down.
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Your essential cleaning kits from trusted brands

How to organise your kitchen cupboards

You’ve got them clean, but now you need to get them organised. Say goodbye to old habits – instead of piling everything back in its old place, think convenience and consider putting things where you’re not required to be double-jointed to reach them and keep only what you use.

  • Chuck the bad and broken. No one ever benefited from keeping that 1970s whisk they didn’t get round to fixing. Donate items you don’t or won’t use and throw out any that are broken. This should make space for the essentials, indispensables, and the handy-to-haves (like onion goggles).
  • Categorise food cupboards into frequently used or different types. We might not all have a kitchen larder, but sorting food into categories like snacks, canned, dried or packet, will make cooking a whole lot easier and avoid you having to fumble around for those nigella seeds. Consider the location of these items too - if you have children that make their breakfast (lucky you!), they’ll need to be able to reach it.
  • Move stuff to where you use stuff. If there’s a cupboard near your kettle, that’s where you should keep your cups, not the other side of the kitchen in an awkward corner space. Store saucepans close to your hob and plates near your serving area. It’s all about working out how you use your kitchen and reorganising crockery and kitchenware to match your culinary habits.
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Want to give the rest of the kitchen a once over? We’ve got some kitchen cleaning hacks that will prove indispensable and make the job that little bit easier. Or if you’re fired-up for freshness, why not take a look at our handy guide on how to give your kitchen a deep clean?

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