4 ways to make doing laundry easy and fast

For anyone with a busy schedule it is essential to be able to do the laundry quickly & efficiently! Check out Persil's top 4 laundry tips to help you out.


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Key steps for quick laundry

  1. Use the right products - look for detergents with a built-in softener or fragrance booster to save time.
  2. Use the right settings - find a quick, but efficient, wash programme on your machine.
  3. Use the right method - sort clothes by colour and pre-treat stains before popping items in the machine. Cutting corners will only create more work in the long run.

Any parent will tell you that kids love to get messy – whether it’s grass stains or paint spatters, mess is an essential ingredient in any fun children’s activity. Unfortunately, as we lead such busy lifestyles, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to wash our kids’ clothes after they’ve been jumping in muddy puddles, painting pictures, rolling around on grass, or helping us to bake cakes in the kitchen. If you find yourself struggling to fit laundry chores into your hectic schedule, then here are four handy laundry tips from Persil to make washing clothes quicker and easier than ever before.

Laundry advice – quick & easy tips

1. Use a high quality detergent

There’s nothing more annoying than removing your clothes from the wash and finding that they still look a little dirty. This is why one of the most important pieces of washing advice is to always use a high quality detergent; we recommend Persil Bio liquid detergent. Not only is this detergent packed with powerful stain-removing capabilities, but it’s also one of the most environmentally friendly detergents on the market, working brilliantly on the toughest stains, even in a quick wash (so it saves you money on your electricity bill, too!). You can even use the stain eraser ball to ‘pop, pour, and rub’ – a pre-treatment technique that targets even the most stubborn of stains. Just pop the little ball out of the bottle, pour a small amount of detergent onto the stain, and then use the abrasive dimples to rub it in. That’s all you need for a brilliant clean.

Bonus Tip: Here's some Persil advice on how to make stain removal even easier!

2. Save time with one multi-tasking product

Why do laundry the hard way when Cleanipedia has excellent tips for washing clothes that can help you ‘cheat’ and save time? For busy mums, time is precious, so if we can get the laundry done quicker, then why not? Persil’s Non-Bio 3in1 Capsules make it easier than ever before to get dirty clothes clean and fresh – simply throw a capsule into the drum before adding your clothes. There’s no need to measure out a dose – everything you need is right there in that little capsule, and you don’t need to worry about using too much, or too little, detergent. Just remember: keep caps away from kids – you can read Persil’s safety guide for kids and parents for advice on child safety & capsules.

3. Get organised

One method of doing the laundry involves quickly throwing all your dirty clothing into the wash – yes, it’s fast, but having a mix of underwear, coloured and white clothing, delicate fabrics, denims, and bath towels all in together is likely to cause us to become flustered when it comes to sorting it out when the machine has finished. A handy washing tip is to sort your laundry before it goes in the wash. Sort by colour and fabric type, and always be sure to check the care labels on new clothes. A little effort beforehand can really simplify and streamline the washing process, helping to keep you cool, calm, collected, and completely in control.

4. Finally, enjoy the extra time with your family!

The great thing about being able to remove tough stains in a quick wash is that you suddenly find yourself with time to spare – time you might otherwise have spent running the load again, or scrubbing at stubborn marks. Now you can pour yourself a cup of tea, put your feet up for a bit, and still find time to play with your little ones. When doing the laundry is both fast and easy, you’ll find you all enjoy even the messiest of activities for kids – after all, those are the ones kids love best, and Persil has you covered.

Do you use powder, capsules or liquid to wash your clothes?

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