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How to get turmeric stains out of clothes

It's easy to get a bright yellow turmeric stain on your clothes when cooking or eating a curry! Follow these tips to find out how to remove turmeric stains.


How to get turmeric stains out of your clothes

 Renowned for its staining power, turmeric contains the yellow pigment curcumin, which – as many a curry enthusiast would acknowledge – seems to gravitate towards clothes, testing the cleaning prowess of even the most level-headed domestic god or goddess.

The trick to treating most tricky stains is to act fast – as soon as you notice the spill, start tackling the problem with a stain removal method below, and then wash the garment as directed with a high quality laundry detergent like Persil small & mighty. Make sure to read the directions on the label before using any cleaning product.

How Do You Get Turmeric Stains Out?

With their close proximity to the plate on a daily basis, sleeves often find themselves in the firing line for turmeric stains. For the best results, remember that time is of the essence: the longer turmeric has to work into the fibres, the harder it will be to shift.

You can use a specialist stain removal product – just follow the directions on the label and test on a small area first. You can also try applying Persil small & mighty bio liquid detergent directly to the stain as a pre-treatment, using the stain eraser ball that comes with the bottle to apply it. Then, wash the garment as advised by the care label in the washing machine with Persil small & mighty. If that doesn’t fully get the stain out, you could also try one of the homemade remedies below.

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Homemade Remedies for Turmeric Stain Removal

You can also try using homemade solutions, too, if you want to tackle turmeric stains.

Remember, before applying any new cleaning product or method, read the care label of the garment and test it on a small, hidden area beforehand. Read the label on any commercial products you use for the best results.

Hydrogen peroxide (for white clothes):

  • Fill a spray bottle with one part 20% volume hydrogen peroxide and nine parts water.
  • Spray liberally onto the stained area(s), and leave to soak in for around four hours.
  • Machine wash the garment with detergent, as directed on the care label.


  • Rinse the stain thoroughly with warm water.
  • Mix an equal solution of glycerine and water and apply to the stained area.
  • Finally, rinse again and machine washes as usual with a biological detergent.


While providing a piquant counterbalance to turmeric in a chicken dish, lemon can also be used to get turmeric stains out of clothes:

  • Slice a lemon in half.
  • Squeeze onto the stain.
  • Leave for half an hour.
  • Wash normally, following the directions on the label.


Your essential cleaning kits from trusted brands

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