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Time-saving laundry tips: how to spend less time doing the laundry

Looking for ideas on how to do laundry faster to make time for more stimulating things in your life? We've got a few tips on how to wash clothes quickly to let you get on with your day.


By Cleanipedia Team

Pile of t-shirts, one with a mud stain on it that could be washed with some time saving laundry tips

Key steps:

If you’re looking for time-saving laundry tips, including how to get rid of stains fast, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps:

  1. Organise your clothing into categories
  2. Always read the washing label to see how the clothes can be washed
  3. Work on a stain as soon as you see it – fast stain removal will save time in the long run
  4. Use quality washing liquids, capsules or powders like the ones from Surf to get great results first time
  5. Use quick wash washing machines and familiarise yourself with the different programmes to maximise time savings
  6. Fold clothes as soon as they’re dry

Doing laundry can take plenty of time out of your day, but with a few handy tips and organisation solutions you’ll be able to speed things up. Knowing how to get rid of stains and what you need to do for fast stain removal can make a huge difference.

Using detergents from Surf will help get the job done quickly too. As always, just make sure you read the label before using any new product.

How concerned are you about disinfecting while cleaning?

Saving time doing the laundry

One of the best ways to save time on laundry is to put a little effort in beforehand – such as organising your clothes, pre-treating stains, and using quick wash washing machine settings.

  1. Organising your clothes: separate clothes into lights, darks, and delicates, and wash each group separately. To make this easier, consider having individual washing baskets for each type of clothing.
  2. Pre-treating difficult stains: if you notice stubborn marks or stains that might struggle to be washed clean in a normal wash, pre-treat them before you add them to your laundry basket. You can use your regular detergent for this – just remember to read the instructions on the packaging and check your clothing’s care label first.
  3. Making the most of quick wash washing machines: many modern washing machines have quick wash laundry settings that offer good results in shorter times. Make the most of these where possible, and remember not to overload your machine. When picking your detergent, choose one appropriate for the type of clothes being washed – such as Surf Perfect Black Capsules for dark colours.

Separating clothing as you go and using quick wash washing machines will save time, but there are plenty of other things you can do too. These include:

  • Setting a laundry schedule – organising your time helps make it seem less of a chore
  • Get to know your machine, so that you’re always using the right programme
  • Pre-treat for fast stain removal
  • Learn a few simple folding techniques

How to get rid of stains fast

One thing that can definitely slow things down is staining. Learning how to get rid of stains quickly can shave plenty of minutes off your laundry:

  1. Identify the stain
  2. Deal with it immediately
  3. Blot with paper towels and rub a quality washing detergent on the stain to get the process started
  4. Check the label to make sure you put it on the right wash cycle – remember, you want fast stain removal but you don’t want to ruin your clothes

For more tips on how to make quick work of your laundry, have a look at this article on how to do laundry fast.

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