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How to get stains out of clothes

Do you want to know the best ways to remove stains from your kids' clothes? This handy guide from Persil has some great stain removal tips to help you out!


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Key steps

  1. Act quickly. Stains are harder to remove once they've dried.
  2. Flush the stain with water. If you're not sure whether to use hot or cold water, our stain removal guide can help.
  3. Pre-treat the stain, if necessary. Use a suitable method based on the type of stain you're dealing with - read on for more advice on this.
  4. Wash as normal in your washing machine and don't let the item dry until the stain is fully removed. 
  5. Search on Cleanipedia for advice on how to remove specific stains or browse our laundry articles.

All kids are different, but they do have one thing in common – they’re all messy! Whether it’s drips of melted chocolate ice cream on a hot summer’s day, blood from scraped knees during a tumble in the park, or a splash of orange juice at breakfast, dealing with stains is a normal part of parenthood, but how do you get those stains out of clothing? Persil is here to help! With a huge range of powerful laundry detergents, and some handy insider advice, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to get stains out of clothes, helping you to get your kids’ clothes clean and fresh no matter how dirty they get.

Removing stains from clothes with Persil Dual Action Capsules

Persil new Dual Action Capsules have been designed with busy Mums in mind. They offer a quick and easy way to tackle even the most challenging of stains, including chocolate, grass, and juice. So just what is a Dual Action Capsule? It’s a small, compact tablet that contains both Persil laundry detergent and stain-removing microgranules that loosen and lift particles from deep within the fibres of your clothes, leaving them cleaner and fresher than ever before. Using Dual Action Capsules is easy – simply pop one in the drum before adding your clothes, and start your washing machine as normal. There’s no need to measure out detergent, or use multiple products – the Dual Action Capsules contain everything you need for a thorough clean. Find out some handy tips on how to use and store capsules safely here.


Domestos kills all known germs & viruses dead

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Or pop, pour, and rub with Persil small & mighty

If you’re faced with a particularly stubborn stain, then you may wish to pre-treat the stain before washing for optimal results. Fortunately, Persil have made pre-treating stains really easy with the ‘pop, pour, and rub’ technique using Persil small & mighty and the clever, multi-use stain eraser ball. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using this effective method to remove stains from clothes:


All you have to do is pop the stain eraser ball out of the detergent bottle. The ball sits tightly within the bottle so you can be sure you’ll never lose it amongst the chaos of your detergent cupboard.


Pour a small amount of detergent onto the troublesome stain. We recommend using the stain eraser ball for this, as it allows you to measure and monitor the amount of detergent you’re using.


Use the base of the stain eraser ball to gently massage detergent into the stain, ensuring it gets deep down into the fibres to lift the stain right from the source. The base of the ball is textured which helps push the detergent right down to where it’s needed most. After that, you can fill the ball with the right dosage and pop it straight in the drum with your clothes – no mess, no fuss, and excellent stain removal – even with the toughest stains.

Solve your stain with Persil

Here’s how to get stains out of clothes fast with Persil products:


Have your kids come home from the park with scraped knees? Don’t worry! If the blood is still fresh, use a clean cloth to dab the stain and remove as much excess as possible. Quickly soak the clothing in cold water, then wash in the machine using a biological washing detergent – both Persil small & mighty and our Dual Action Capsules have suitable biological options.

Ice Cream

Ice cream drips are nothing to worry about if you’ve got a bottle of Persil small & mighty in your cupboard. All you need to do to tackle this stain is use the ‘pop, pour, and rub’ technique to pre-treat the stain before washing at a hot temperature with Persil small & mighty detergent. Always check the care label to see what temperature your fabric can withstand.

For advice on how to remove even more stains on clothes – everything from mashed bananas to the dreaded red wine stain – check out Persil’s ‘Solve Your Stain’ guide.

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