Key steps:

  1. Make a list of what you need – check out more of our camping tips here.
  2. Divide the list between members of the expedition.
  3. Take a first aid kit.

Whether in the great outdoors or among the crowds of a music festival, camping can be lots of fun. Here are our pointers to be prepared:

  1. Choose your tent site carefully, away from large holes, animal mating sites and anything that could overflow and wash you away. At festivals, avoid setting up beside loos, stages, or any path or walkway.
  2. Clean camping water containers before you go: wash them with dishwashing detergent and rinse with fresh water. Sanitise the container by mixing 1 teaspoon of Domestos bleach in 2 litres of water and rinse the container thoroughly with this before air drying, or rinse with the water you will be drinking. For more details, see this.
  3. At festivals, make a note of where the tent is among the many hundreds of other tents. Even better, attach a balloon or a ribbon and take a photo for if you forget.
  4. Pack some foam tiles to cover the floor of the tent to take the edge off any rocks or tree roots underneath.
  5. Bring a self-inflating camping mattress or sleeping pad to sleep on.
  6. Safely stash your phone in a sturdy, sealable plastic bag and keep it in a zipped pocket to keep it safe from rain & dirt.
  7. Take a rain jacket. Some wellies may be handy too.
  8. If the zips on your sleeping bag or tent are sticking, rub the side of a candle on the teeth to make them glide smoothly.
  9. How to stay clean when camping while embracing its Back to Nature spirit can require compromises. Body or face wipes will keep you feeling fresh. Dry shampoo is an amazing invention that will keep hair refreshed.
  10. For easy kindling, mix tortilla chips and dried leaves – the tortilla chips burn more slowly and will help you get your fire started.
  11. Get a hanging shoe organiser and use it to store all your kitchen utensils.
  12. Invest in a solar-powered lamp as they are eco-friendly and then you will have light when it’s dark.
  13. You also need to know how to clean a camping tent so it’s ready for the next adventure. When you get home, set the tent up and shake it thoroughly to remove any dirt, stones or crumbs. Mix some Persil laundry detergent and warm water in a bucket and sponge the tent all over. Use a hose to rinse it, and let it dry in the sun. Double-check that it’s totally dry before you put it away to prevent mildew.