Garden privacy ideas: how to keep nosy neighbours out

Read on to discover how to make your garden more private plus the best plants for privacy.


Wall for garden privacy with pots and flowers

Key Steps

  • Use climbing plants like ivy or hydrangea beside fences or trellis.
  • Plant tall flowers such as perennials like honeysuckle.
  • Pot greenery like bamboo and tall grasses to create a privacy screen that is easy to move.
  • Grow a hedge or invest in a faux hedge which requires no care.

Having a private outdoor space is a great perk, but sometimes gardens don't feel quite as private as you’d like. Whether it’s back-to-back with your neighbour’s, or possibly even visible to passers-by on the street, it can be hard to feel truly relaxed. With the following tips and tricks including the best plants for privacy, you can subtly increase the privacy of your garden, without putting up ugly or passive-aggressive fixtures.

If you’re looking for garden privacy ideas, consider investing in a pergola. Once installed, climbing plants such as roses, clematis and jasmine provide a pretty and private area to relax.

Garden screening privacy ideas

Our garden should be a place we can retreat to and enjoy a relaxing time in privacy. With the following top tips, we’ll show you how to make your garden more private whilst still keeping it beautiful. Screening doesn’t have to mean big ugly fences. Instead, you could try:

  • Using potted greenery. Simply grow plants such as bamboo, tall grasses or arborvitae to offer the privacy you need. This is also ideal for those living in rented accommodation as pots can easily be moved.
  • Using hedges. You don’t have to wait for the bushes to grow though, you can actually purchase faux hedges that will require no care, making them an easy way to create a privacy screen.
  • Installing a trellis. A trellis is a great way to provide privacy by offering a space for climbers such as hydrangea and wisteria plants to grow.
  • Adding outdoor curtains to your patio. Using outdoor curtains can add the privacy you want, whilst being a perfect personal touch to your garden.

Growing plants for privacy from neighbours

This is also a great way to add a splash of colour and beauty to your garden. Our top tips for growing plants for this purpose include:

  • Plant flowers that grow upwards. Perennials such as honeysuckle, hardy hibiscus and lavender will grow tall allowing for privacy within your garden.
  • Plant a vertical garden. Creating a vertical frame to fill with pots is not only a great way to add a private feel to your garden but also perfect for giving yourself more space to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs.

Terraced house garden ideas for maintaining privacy

If you live in a terraced house, it often means you have a long, narrow garden that’s close to your neighbours on either side. Try these tips for getting a little extra privacy.

  • Create a tree border. If you’re working with a narrow space, plant tall trees along the border. These will not only help to make your garden feel more private, and bigger (as they draw the eye upwards) but also provide shade on sunny days.
  • Use climbing plants or flowers beside fences. If you choose to install a fence (or already have one in place) climbing plants like ivy grow quickly and can make the fence feel more alive and less ugly!

With our top tips and garden privacy ideas you can be sure to enjoy your garden and relax without worrying about your neighbours or passers-by.

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