Go camping in your own garden!

Here we’ll share tips for camping in the garden from camp setup to camping games for kids.


Pink tent in the woods

Kids love the idea of camping, but what do you do if you don't fancy taking them out into the wilderness only for them to inevitably want to go home immediately? Garden camping is a great alternative. Here we’ll share with you some top tips for camping in the garden, including how to set up your camp and fun camping games for kids.

Have the garden path well-lit with fairy lights. This is fun but also good for emergencies or if someone needs to use the toilet whilst on the camping adventure.

How can I set up a camp in my garden?

Whether you’re planning a camping birthday party or just want to have some fun with your kids in the garden, these tips will help you set up the perfect home campsite in your back garden.

  1. Use one large bell tent. Having a tent with individual rooms may seem like a good idea but it is much more fun to add that sleepover feel to the adventure.
  2. Light up your garden. Use solar lights or fairy lights to light a path to your tent.
  3. Add personal touches. Get your kids to make homemade bunting, pompoms and more.
  4. Take snacks. Camping in the garden should be fun, and snacks are a great way to add something extra.
  5. Layer the floor. Sleeping outside doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Layer up blankets, cushions and more to create a cosy sleeping environment.

If you need some ideas for cleaning your camping gear after your fun camping party is over, we have great tips here.

Top camping games for kids

Once you’re all set up for your back-garden camping adventures, these camping games for kids will ensure everyone has the best time.

  • I Spy: The camping edition. I Spy is a well-known childhood game, and easy for kids of all ages. Why not see what outdoor colours everyone can spot, or even birds and bugs.
  • Bug hunt. With a magnifying glass and small pot, see what bugs you can find in the garden. There is a huge eco system to explore, just be sure to pop them back where you found them!
  • Shadow stories. A quick and simple activity to try is creating shadow characters with a torch and your hands once it gets dark.

With our top tips for camping in the garden and fun camping party ideas you can be sure to have a fun, exciting experience as a family and prepare for new adventures in the future.

Key Steps

  • Create the perfect environment for camping by layering the floor with soft blankets and cushions and homemade decorations.
  • Take plenty of snacks and drinks to enjoy while you camp.
  • Fun activities like bug hunts and I Spy are great for camping with kids.

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