How to deter squirrels from your garden

Get tips for spotting problems caused by squirrels in your garden and how to get rid of squirrels.


squirrel in garden

Key steps

  • Take away easy food sources such as fallen nuts or fruits.
  • Make sure bins are fully sealed.
  • Scare squirrels away with motion-activated noisemakers.
  • Use mulch to deter squirrels from digging up plants and flowers.
  • Place bird feeders away from jump-off points.
  • Change up your bird seed to bird favourites.

Squirrels might be cute, but they can wreak minor havoc in your garden – especially if you’re growing tasty fruit and vegetables. Here we’ll share ways that you can spot problems caused by squirrels in your garden and top tips on how to get rid of squirrels and prevent them returning.

Outdoor eating areas are attractive spots for squirrels, so use products like Cif multipurpose cleaner to ensure you clean up after eating to deter squirrels returning looking for food.

Ways to spot you have squirrels in your garden

If you don’t spot these furry-tailed critters in and around your garden, there are some easy ways to spot they’re on the loose. Some things which could mean you need to get rid of squirrels include:

  • Small holes dug in planting beds and pots
  • Half-eaten (or missing) fruit or flowers
  • Missing plants
  • Munched-on seed-heads

How to keep squirrels away from your garden

When it comes to understanding how to keep squirrels out of a garden, you need to make their favourite snacking spots less attractive to them. These ten tips will help you keep squirrels away from your garden:

  1. Take away easy food sources. Squirrels will forage pretty much anything. This means you need to make sure you pick up fallen nuts, fruits and seeds from around your garden.
  2. Don’t forget to ensure your bins are fully sealed. Squirrels are opportunists, so open bins, and food scraps on compost piles are easy pickings. Secure your bin lids bury food scraps well.
  3. Scaring squirrels is a great step for how to stop squirrels coming into your garden. Keeping a dog as a pet will help, as will motion-activated noisemakers. These include spinners, pinwheels and more.
  4. If you water your lawn with sprinklers, invest in motion-detecting options. This will add an extra scare factor to your garden.
  5. When it comes to understanding how to deter squirrels from your garden, try using repellents. There are some home remedies made from items you may already have in your home. Sprinkle one of the following on and around your flower beds: • Chilli peppers • Mint
  6. Create a physical barrier over your plants. Plastic netting, fencing and chicken wire are all ways to cover your plants and protect them from roaming squirrels.
  7. Squirrels love to dig, but you can discourage this using mulch. If you are growing flowers, fruits and veg, covering the soil with mulch is a great way to protect seedlings.
  8. Put bird seed feeders away from places squirrels can jump from. This includes frees, fences and other locations. Invest in an independent, free-standing feeder pole.
  9. Make bird feeders hard to climb using a variety of options. There are some great choices for stopping squirrels being able to climb. These include: • Hardware cloth • Aluminium ducting • Plastic pipe • Wire screening • Chicken wire
  10. Squirrels favour certain seeds, so switch out your bird feeders. Instead of sunflower seeds (which are squirrel favourites!) switch to safflower seeds which birds love but squirrels don’t!

With our top tips for how to deter squirrels from your garden, you can be sure to keep your garden protected and allow your flowers, fruits and vegetables to grow without destruction.

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