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How to get your kids to go outside: great garden ideas for kids of all ages

Brilliant children's garden games to get your kids wanting to play outside all day long.


By Cleanipedia Team

kids lay on grass outside in garden

Getting outdoors is important for everyone. In a society where screen time is increasingly taking over at home, getting your children to go and play outside can sometimes prove a bit of a challenge. It's always good to have some great garden ideas for kids at the ready to encourage them outside. Here we’ll share some perfect children's garden games which are bound to have your kids wanting to stay outside all day long.

One of the best garden activities for kids is to have a picnic dinner. It doesn’t have to be fancy: whip up some simple snacks and enjoy being outdoors together.

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Top children's garden ideas

Think outside the box: fun garden ideas don’t all have to be traditional games, and you can even combine their play with a few chores ticked off! Regardless of the size of your garden, these big and small garden ideas for kids will ensure that you win the battle to get your kids outside.

  • Don’t be afraid of mess. Let your kids play even if it means getting dirty. After all, good quality detergents like Persil will have those clothes cleaned up in no time.
  • Get planting. Whether you only have space for a few plant pots, or you want to have a whole selection of home-grown vegetables, get your kids involved in gardening. They’ll love to watch things grow and learn more about nature.
  • Create an assault course. Use nature found in your garden to design the perfect adventure, from jumping over twigs to running around fallen leaves. Afterwards, get them to clean up the course giving your garden a bit of a spring clean.

Fun and exciting garden activities for kids

There are plenty of garden games for toddlers and older kids that will keep them demanding to spend time outside day after day.

  1. Go on a bug hunt. Bugs are easier to find than you think, and it’s a great way to educate your children about the natural garden eco-system. Just make sure you put them back where you found them!
  2. Get arty with chalk. Some pavement chalk is a great way to encourage your children’s imagination and it will all wash off with a bit of water too, making it one of the easiest garden games for kids. Everyone wins.
  3. Create a garden fort. With a couple of sticks, some rope (or even your washing line!) and a large sheet, you can create the perfect fort to enjoy in the garden.

Now you have some great garden games for kids you can be sure to get your kids not only wanting to go outdoors, but enjoying themselves too.

Key Steps

  • Don’t be afraid to let your kids get messy, whether they’re building a mud kitchen or planting a flower garden.
  • Enjoy getting creative with chalk artwork or a garden fort.
  • Find nature from bugs to leaves, twigs and more! Always put bugs back where you find them though.

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