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How to keep wasps away in the garden

Find tips and advice below for how to get rid of wasps and deter them from buzzing in your garden.


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By Cleanipedia Team

A group of friends eating outside while keeping away from wasps in the garden
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Key steps

  • Whether you want to get rid of wasps or prevent them in the first place, try these steps:

  • Use essential oils like peppermint on eucalyptus.

  • Grow plants like thyme or citronella.

  • Use wasp traps.

  • Ensure your outdoor dustbin’s sealed shut to prevent attracting wasps.

  • Keep on top of house repairs.

At best, wasps are an irritating addition to a summer garden party or alfresco lunch. At worst, they're a safety hazard. Here you’ll find top information and advice on what deters wasps in the garden, including natural and homemade remedies. If they’re not just flying in for your picnic but they’ve actually have set up a nest in or by your home, click here to find out how to get rid of wasp nests.

If you’re wondering what deters wasps, why not try natural oils? Wasps hate the smell of peppermint and eucalyptus oils so use them to keep wasps away in the summer.

Get rid of wasps with ease: How to keep wasps away from your garden

Whether you’re wondering what repels wasps, how to keep them away from your garden picnic or how to get rid of them once they’re there; we’ve got you covered. Read on for our top tips for how to deter wasps:

  1. Try repelling wasps with a homemade wasp spray. When you know what repels wasps, you can apply these solutions around your garden and outdoor food area to avert a wasp problem from the get-go. There are a number of essential oils which will work to repel wasps including:

    • Mix a few drops of clove, geranium and lemongrass oil with water and washing-up liquid.

    • Create a spray from peppermint oil, white vinegar, water and washing-up liquid.

    • Eucalyptus oil on some old rags will also do the trick.

  2. Growing certain plants in your garden can help keep wasps away. There are a number of wasp-repelling plants which you could try growing to keep your garden wasp free in summer. These include:

    • Spearmint

    • Citronella

    • Thyme

    • Wormwood

  3. Try a wasp trap. If you already have wasps in your garden and simply want a way to get rid of them, wasp traps can do the trick. You can buy them or make your own from a large plastic bottle and a little sugary treat rubbed inside.

  4. Make sure your bin is closed. The most important way to prevent wasps coming to your home is to make sure there is no tempting odours hanging around. Always seal rubbish bags tightly shut, and ensure the lid of your outdoor dustbin is fully closed even when full.

  5. Always keep on top of home repairs. Cracks and openings in window or door frames or around your roof are inviting to wasps who may be on the search for a cosy spot to live. Make sure you keep on top of your household repairs to prevent wasps setting up home alongside you.

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If you have wasps in the garden, don’t panic. With our advice you now know how to get rid of these stinging, buzzing best and deter them from coming to your garden!

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