How to make wind chimes and other garden crafts for kids

We’ve got you covered for simple and fun creative things to do this summer. Read our guide to making wind chimes and other DIY garden ornaments.


How to make wind chimes and other garden crafts for kids

Key steps:

  • To make your own wind chime, attach metal tubes to a wooden platform.
  • Hang a striker in the middle.
  • Add a smaller ‘sail’ underneath the striker.
  • Tie a loop at the top and hang it somewhere windy.

Wind chimes in the garden make a soft, magical sound when the wind moves through them. It’s also really easy, and fun, to make a basic set of wind chimes with your kids at the weekend. Here we’ve got a step-by-step on how to make your own wind chime at home, plus other fun ideas for garden crafts.

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How to make wind chimes

Making wind chimes can be a really fun activity to try with your little ones. Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to homemade wind chimes:

  1. Get some metal tubes in a range of lengths, but with a similar thickness (as this gives an even tone).
  2. Drill holes on either side of the top of each tube and thread through a light synthetic cord knotting at each hole so each tube stays in place.
  3. To make DIY wind chimes, you’ll need a striker. This is the bit that bumps against the tubes to make a noise. Hockey pucks work well, but you could try out a range of things as each will make a slightly different sound.
  4. Attach the tubes to the suspension platform, i.e. a piece of wood which holds them. Then, using the same synthetic thread, hang the striker in the middle with enough tension that it stays in place, but can also move around to hit the tubes.
  5. From the bottom of the striker you’ll then need to hang a sail. This is another small circular piece. Its purpose is to be caught up in the wind which will then move the striker around.
  6. Hang a loop from the top of the suspension platform, hang it up somewhere a little windy and voilà: your very own wind chime!

DIY garden ornaments

If you’re looking for some fun ways to spruce up your garden without spending too much money, why not make it a craft activity for your kids and do a bit of DIY garden décor?

  • Try painting pine cones in different colours or adding biodegradable glitter
  • Get your children to arrange fairy lights in fun formations over a large tree or bush
  • Make your own wind spinner by cutting up coloured pieces of paper and attaching them in formation to a large wooden stick.
  • Paint rocks to look like ladybirds, bees and other colourful insects
  • Add fake gemstones to your watering can

Those are our top tips for fun garden-based crafts. If you and your family got the taste for creative activities indoors during the long winter months, there’s no need to stop now. Use your outside space to inspire lots of fun art activities.

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