Plants lined up by the wall in a long, narrow garden
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Got a long, narrow garden? Ideas to make the most of your outdoor space

Read on for top long narrow garden ideas to help you fall in love with the space you've got.

Key Steps

  • Use mirrors to reflect your flowers and give the illusion of a bigger space.
  • Grow upwards instead of outwards with tall perennials and climbers.
  • Use multi-functional garden furniture such as ottoman benches.
  • Use big pots to make the garden feel less cluttered.

Living in the city often means small homes and gardens. This is especially true of terraced properties, which usually have a long, narrow garden. While this space might seem awkward at first, there are ways to plan your garden to take advantage of these proportions. This article aims to provide long narrow garden ideas to help you fall in love with the space you've got.

Tips and tricks to perfect long, narrow garden design

If you have a narrow garden, you are probably looking for garden ideas to add a personal touch to the space. Here are a few of our favourite long, narrow garden ideas to help you fall in love with your garden.

  1. Use mirrors to make the space feel bigger. Using mirrors means you can reflect the flowers and plants you grow, giving the illusion of a wider, bigger space.
  2. Use big pots. Using smaller pots can cause your garden to feel cluttered and claustrophobic. Instead, invest in a few large pots with a variety of plants in to keep your garden tidy.
  3. Try removing tree and shrub skirts. These are the lower leaves and branches of the greenery growing in your garden. By changed the level of the bottom of shrubs and more, you can use the space below to add a little extra to your space.
  4. Plant narrow flower beds. Just because your garden is narrow, doesn’t mean that you can’t have pretty flower beds in place. There are a number of plants that are perfect for these borders including honeysuckle, lavender and belladonna lily.
  5. Grow vertically. There are plenty of tall perennials that will help to draw the eye upwards giving the illusion of a bigger space, and which won’t take up a wide area. Choose plants such as fox gloves or wild irises and climbers like jasmine.
  6. Avoid too much colour. Whilst a wild array of colour in your garden may be exciting, it can be an assault on the senses and make your garden feel cluttered. In a long, narrow garden, design should be calm and neutral to create a feeling of space.
  7. Invest in multi-functional garden furniture. To make the most of the space you have available, especially if you don’t have space for a shed, choose multi-functional furniture. This can include ottoman benches or raised flower beds with drawers.

There are so many long garden ideas to make the most of the narrow, small space that you have. With our top tips you can be sure to take advantage of what you have available and fall in love with your garden.

Top Tip

When planting in your long, narrow garden, consider growing flowers and plants which will grow vertically such as clematis, to draw the eye upwards.