Garden pot ideas: how to make plant pots

Here you’ll find fun and funky garden pot ideas to help you bring your outside space to life.


Plant pot ideas: how to make garden pots

Key steps

  • Use stencils to paint an upgrade pattern on your current planters.
  • When making DIY plant pots, draw complicated designs on paper first.
  • Add drainage holes where necessary.
  • Always choose the right size pot to suit the flower or plant.
  • Always supervise children if they’re helping you out!

Terracotta pots are a classic garden staple, but sometimes you might want something a bit different – something to spice up your space a bit. That’s where we come in! Here you will find some fun and funky plant pot ideas to help you bring your outside space to life. We'll show you how to upgrade your current planters as well as how to make plant pots from things around your home.

Many things around your home can become DIY plant pots. Just be sure to give them a good before giving them a makeover!

Add a little something extra to your current pots with paint

  • One of the most simple garden pot ideas is to upgrade your current planters with a lick of paint. Whatever you want to try, making plant pots pop with a little colour is super easy with the following steps:
  • Draw an idea on paper first.
  • Cut out your idea from the paper.
  • Attach the sections to the pot with a loop of sticky tape or blue tack, paint the whole pot and then carefully peel off the paper shapes to reveal a relief effect
  • If you’re feeling confident, you could cut more intricate shapes into paper and use it as a stencil.
  • Don’t forget to use acrylic paint for the best results. Test your paint on the underneath of the pot first to check how it looks.

Making plant pots from things around your home

Creating DIY flower pots is not only a great way to change up your garden style: it can also help you be more sustainable! Rather than throwing things into your recycling box, try making plants pots from your leftover cans or glass jars. It’s super easy to do with these steps:

1.     Remove all labels.

2.     Clean out your chosen container with hot water and dishwashing liquid.

3.     Pierce some small holes in the bottom to allow for drainage. With glass jars, you will need to carefully drill a hole in the bottom (with the right safety gear and goggles) or take them along to a professional craft shop.

4.     If you want your DIY plant pots to be hanging planters, add a couple of holes to the sides and use wire or string to hang them up.

5.     Decorate your new pot! Use paints, add a coloured ribbon, or leave it as it is for a cool, rough-and-ready look.

6.     Choose your plants carefully – larger plants might need a larger pot.

7.     Place some stones or broken crockey at the bottom for drainage, then fill with compost and add your plant

8.     Don’t forget to water it!

Let the kids explore their creativity

  • Children love to be involved, so why not give them a chance to help your out with your DIY flower pots? Here are a few ways they could help:
  • Allow your children to pick a pot, can or jar to decorate.
  • Let them choose the paint or pens they want to use and encourage them to draw their own pattern.
  • Don’t forget to cover the floor or table with paper or rags to stop mess getting where you don’t want it.
  • Supervise at all times!

With these plant pot ideas, you can really freshen up your outside space. Not only will they look great, making plant pots is a wonderful way to get creative and involve the whole family too. Give these ideas a try or use them as inspiration for some garden pot ideas of your own!  

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