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Give your wardrobe a makeover with our top organising tips

Our step-by-step guide to decluttering your wardrobe will make dressing a dream.


By Cleanipedia Team

Multicolour clothes hanging in a wardrobe

Does your heart sink when you open your wardrobe? Does the disorganisation leave you feeling uninspired? For many of us, our wardrobes don’t just house our clothes, they hide a multitude of mess too. All too often there are hoards of unwanted items on over-stuffed hangers hiding behind the doors. Whilst we might be painfully aware of the bad vibes we get from our daily dressing routine, it can be difficult to know how to organise your wardrobe and where to start. 

Here, we bring you our very best tips for a marvellous wardrobe makeover that’s as effective as it is easy.

Decluttering: the first step to wardrobe organisation

It’s time to be ruthless. Those ill-fitting trousers and questionable shoe purchases aren’t going to be resurrected as wardrobe staples - they need to go. Put them in a bin bag along with all the items of clothing you haven’t worn in the past year, or know you won't, and give them to charity, friends or family.  Or you could always reuse your old clothes in surprising ways

A good cull will not only create more space in your wardrobe, it will feel pretty good too. You should now be left with items you like,  wear and use. But to really maximise your wardrobe makeover, follow these top decluttering tips:

  • Sort your clothes by season for a fuss-free approach to seasonal dressing.

  • Organise your clothes by type then colour to easily mix and match outfits.

  • Don’t overcrowd. Leave space between each item so you can see what’s there.

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The ‘shoppable’ appeal: wardrobe makeover ideas that work

Now you’ve got a colour-coordinated closet full of desirable items you’ll actually wear, the next step is to make your wardrobe ‘shoppable’. Or in other words, a wardrobe that is inspiring, aesthetically appealing and that makes choosing an outfit a pleasure, not a chore. This might sound like some major renovation work is coming your way, but actually, you can recreate the feel of some of your favourite clothes shops with surprisingly simple touches. Here’s how:

  • Put everything on display. Use hooks, shelves or racks for bags, shoes, belts and accessories.

  • Nail your folding techniques. Channel your inner Marie Kondo and make organising your wardrobe an art form.

  • Choose good quality matching hangers. Aesthetically pleasing and effective for wardrobe harmony.

  • Use matching storage solutions. Pick a theme and colour coordinate your baskets/boxes and drawers

Smart storage solutions: helping your wardrobe makeover last

Not all items will be suited to a hanger. There needs to be a place that you can put all your folded T-shirts, jumpers, underwear or accessories. Or perhaps you don’t have a shoe rack or obvious place for bags. Luckily, there are several great options that can work really well, without compromising on space. 

  • Drawer and wardrobe dividers. A great way of dividing up your items, either on the rails as tabs, or as removable baskets and boxes. 

  • Good quality storage boxes. Can be used for anything that doesn’t have an obvious place and available in all shapes and sizes depending on your needs.

  • Hooks. Great for hanging scarves, jewellery or small bags

So now your wardrobe organisation skills are up to speed, get ready to say hello to a new way of dressing. We can’t promise you the capsule wardrobe of your dreams, but we can promise you a better looking wardrobe that becomes an uplifting part of your daily dressing ritual.

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