3 brands practising sustainable innovation

Living sustainably is more possible than ever! Read on to find out more about innovative efforts from some of your favourite brands.


sustainable brands

Key steps to supporting sustainability

  1. Look for brands that advocate sustainable practices and run sustainable initiatives. 
  2. Do what you can to be more sustainable at home by adjusting daily habits.
  3. Consider sustainability in all parts of your life - food, fashion, Christmas ... everything can be made a little greener!

Even though we all do what we can to make our homes sustainable, there is still so much out of our hands. We inherently rely on the brands we choose to clean with to make environmentally sustainable choices in their supply chain. Fortunately, there are some top brands using their influence for good – companies like these are mindful of energy economy, constantly looking to cut back on water consumption, and not afraid to have a conversation about it!

Read on for more information about the brands that contribute to sustainability:

Don’t forget to complete a little research when it comes to choosing cleaning products. Eco-friendly brands will always help you cut back on water consumption!

Three examples of sustainable innovation

  1. Persil have highlighted great ideas about how to live more sustainably. Concentrated bottles which require 40% less packaging than a standard bottle; correct doses; and washing on a cool temperature are all important. 
  2. Domestos has partnered with UNICEF to promote World Toilet Day, the goal being to raise awareness of the sanitation crisis around the world. Without access to basic sanitation, children and women are not only at risk for disease but also abuse and a lower quality of education. Communities at risk are the best example of the necessity of responsible water use, worldwide.
  3. Cif has been committed to serving the community for more than 50 years. Not only does the brand combine its expertise with the power of reusable product and packaging like the ecorefill range, but it also promotes social campaigns with the aim of cleaning our cities - such as Cif Community Cleanup

For more information on what these and other environmentally friendly brands are doing for the environment, visit Unilever’s Sustainable Lifestyle section. You can get started today and do your part to protect the world we live in.

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