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Energy saving tips: How to keep warm in winter and not worry about the energy bill

From heating tips for winter to energy saving tips for the rest of the year, we can help you.


By Cleanipedia Team

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Key steps

Remember these basic rules to saving energy:

  • Switch it off! From lights to TVs, remember to switch things off when not in use.
  • Use energy-efficient appliances. And only when absolutely necessary.
  • Insulate your home. Upgrade to double glazing and seal any draughts.

We’re all on the hunt for ways to save money but do you know how to reduce energy consumption when the colder months set in? Here we’ll share heating tips for winter to keep your house cosy without stacking up a large energy bill. It’ll also help you have a more eco-friendly home! Plus, we’ll also provide helpful energy saving tips such as how to make the best use of timed heating.

One of the best energy saving tips is to turn your thermostat down. If you need the heating on, keep the temperature no higher than 18°.

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Five easy ways to save energy home throughout the year

Try our top five energy saving tips to save on energy bills all year round:

  1. Switch off household items that go into standby. TVs and Hi-Fis use energy even when they are in standby. Switch them off at the plug whenever they won’t be in use for long periods of time or use special eco settings if they have them.
  2. Wash your clothes at a low temperature. Washing machines use energy to heat water so turn the dial down to 30°C to save energy. Good quality products like Persil are designed to deliver top cleaning results at these lower temperatures.
  3. Buy efficient appliances and only use them when absolutely necessary. Invest in A-rated appliances that boast low energy consumption and only use them if necessary. Never run washing machines or dishwashers with less than a full load.
  4. Replace light bulbs and keep the lights off when you’re not in the room. LED light bulbs are a great way to save money as well as ensuring you turn lights off when you leave the room. Consider using timers for lights you need on regularly.
  5. Turn the thermostat down one degree. Heating is a necessity in some situations but turning the thermostat down one degree can make a lot of difference to your energy consumption and bill. Turning radiators off in rooms you don’t use is also an easy win.

Three simple winter energy saving tips

While it’s important to save energy all year through, the colder months of the year are when we traditionally use more energy. Follow our top three winter home energy saving tips to help target this.

1. Ensure your home is properly insulated.

From the installation of double glazing to sealing gaps in doors and windows that may cause draughts, there are plenty of ways to not waste the heat inside your home. Make sure everything is sealed up efficiently and get professionals out to evaluate you’re home if you’re unsure.

2. Book in a boiler service.

An important way to save energy is to ensure that your boiler is running efficiently. If it is old, it may need replacing to a more efficient model. An annual boiler service is also good for your safety so it’s important not to overlook it. Testing your carbon monoxide alarm regularly is also advised.

3. Heat your home as efficiently as possible.

This includes regularly bleeding radiators to setting timers on your heating to ensure the heat is not wasted when you are not at home. Updating to a new boiler with a digital thermostat control can allow you to more easily control the times when you’re heating comes on and goes off.

Now you have some great ways to save energy home while still staying cosy. With our tips you can be sure to save on energy bills without having to give up on physical comfort.

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