How to reduce food waste at home

Try our clever tricks and tips to reduce food waste, save money and help the environment.


Food waste solutions: How can we reduce waste at home?

We are all part of a society that is a lot more conscious of both taking care of the environment and also saving money. If we make steps to reduce food waste, we can do both these things. Here we will share some clever tricks and tips to reduce food waste, to get the most out of the produce we take home.

Keep leftover scraps and check if you can compost them. Start a compost bin in your garden and in a few months you could have perfect soil for your garden. Read our article on composting for more advice on this.

How to reduce food waste

When it comes to waste reduction, we all have a long way to go but we can make small changes and start that journey today.

Here are our top food waste solutions to get you started.

1. If you want to reduce food waste start by shopping smarter.

There are three easy ways you can do this:

  • Write out a meal plan at the beginning of each week so you know what to shop for.
  • Use your meal plan to write out a shopping list, adding essentials like bread and milk.
  • Stick to your shopping list. Don’t be tempted to stray away from it, even if stuff is on special offer!

2. Be careful how you store your food.

This includes:

  • Checking the temperature of your fridge and placing items on the correct shelf to keep better.
  • Invest in a potato, onion and garlic bag to keep them in dry, dark spots and lengthen their life.
  • Foods like bananas and tomatoes produce ethylene gas as they ripen, so keep them away from foods like apples, berries and peppers to prevent them spoiling.

3. Don’t be afraid of the “ugly” fruits and veg.

Just because they don’t look perfect doesn’t mean they taste any different. Most of them are peeled, chopped and cooked anyway!

4. Save the leftovers.

Rather than throwing out the leftovers, keep them and use them for a meal another day. Many of us have had turkey sandwiches on Boxing Day, so why not apply the same frugal view to food all year round.

5. Turn scraps into stock.

Whilst you may think that the ends, peels, stalks and other leftover bits of veg need to be thrown away, they can be used to make an amazing homemade stock instead! This not only helps you to reduce food waste but saves money as you won’t have to buy it.

Now you have some easy ways to reduce food waste you can be sure to make small changes to save money and help the environment.

Key Steps

Take the first step to reducing food waste at home by:

  1. Shopping smart. Write out a list and stick to it.
  2. Storing food properly, removing spoiled foods as soon as they turn.
  3. Using “ugly” fruits and vegetables. They still taste the same!
  4. Saving and reusing leftovers for other meals.

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