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Global warming for children: teaching kids about the environment

These top environmental activities for kids will teach them the importance of being eco-friendly.


By Cleanipedia Team

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We all know that we need to do more to protect the environment for future generations. A great way to do this is to start teaching kids about the environment the right way. With our top tips on explaining global warming for children, we can raise a generation of eco-conscious people who are enthusiastic about protecting the natural world. Here we’ll share environmental activities for kids to teach them about being eco-friendly.

Get in touch with your children’s schools and explain how you’re trying to make a change. This may encourage them to put teaching about this subject higher in their priorities.

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Easy ways to explain the causes of global warming for kids

To start you off on a good approach to explaining climate change for children, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure you know the facts. If you want to be able to educate your children, it is important you know all the facts yourself first.
  2. Start with something small. Greenhouse gases and overuse of fossil fuels might be quite hard to understand, especially for younger children. Instead, use a flower in the garden or a houseplant and explain how the gases we breath in, they breath out; and vice versa.
  3. Don’t make it all doom and gloom. There are plenty of success stories out there of people making changes to improve the environment. For kids, this will help them understand that we can make a difference.
  4. Show them how they can help. There are so many activities they can get involved with around the home that really will make a difference. Teach them to switch off the lights, or ask them to help with the recycling.

Easy environmental activities for kids

Learning through play is a great way to educate your children, so here are a few easy activities and games you can use to teach them about global warming.

  • Get them to fall in love with the natural environment. For kids, the easiest way to appreciate something is to play with it. The more they love being outside, the more they will want to protect it. Easy ways to encourage this could include planting flowers and vegetables, and days out to the woods or the seaside.
  • Get them involved in changes at home. Encourage them to separate their waste and recycle more, and choose some fun reusable bags for shopping.
  • Go for more walks. Whether it’s just to get some fresh air or to avoid using the car for the school run, this is an easy way to teach them about the importance of small changes to help the environment.
  • Try out some science with an easy global warming game. For example, why not play weather trivia. Print out some pictures of different weather such as sunny days and snow. Ask your children to match the weather with the season and then explain how global warming can have a disruptive effect on this.

With these great environmental games and ways that you can explain the causes of global warming for kids, you can make sure that you raise eco-conscious children. They are the future, and it is important we encourage them to protect the natural world.

Key Steps

  • Educate yourself first so you know all the facts.
  • Walk to school instead of driving.
  • Create a flower bed or vegetable patch to help them fall in love with nature.
  • Involve them in changes at home such as separating recycling, turning off lights and stopping taps when brushing their teeth.

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