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How to be sustainable at home

A comfortable, functional home can also be a sustainable home! Read on for tips on greener living and how to be more sustainable today.


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Key Steps to Sustainable Living

  1. Use fewer products and items where possible. Recycle or reuse anything you do have to buy.
  2. Embrace DIY by growing your own food, composting at home, or refurbishing old items you'd normally throw out.
  3. Invest in products with long-term uses and avoid anything disposable or made of single-use plastics.

We all want to keep the environment in good shape: the changes needed to minimise our daily carbon footprint can seem daunting at first. It may seem like you have to completely alter your lifestyle to do any good, but with these five suggestions, we think you’ll find sustainable living easier to implement than you thought! The best part? You’ll save money on energy bills and maybe even have some fun in the process.

Check out this video for more useful tips on sustainable cleaning products:

Sustainable living is just as easily said as it is done for once! From colder laundry washes and repurposing plastic bags to a little bit of indoor gardening, you really can make an impact today.

5 ways to be more sustainable

Rethink your washing – Opt for detergents that work well at 30 degrees so you can use less energy by washing on short or cooler cycles. Another way to contribute to greener living in this way is to choose products that have a like mind in terms of doing more with less. The eco washing packs from Persil have the same amount of much product in less packaging.

Reduce, reuse, recycle – The old adage still rings true, and probably always will! There are a million uses for plastic and paper bags. Get creative with the way you repurpose paper products: use it for arts and crafts, as a new canvas for the kids to draw or paint on, or a surface to work over to keep the carpet clean. Read this handy recycling guide for more information.

Turn it off – This tip is probably the quickest answer to how to be more sustainable. Ready for it? Just turn your appliances off! Not on stand-by, or permanently plugged into a live socket. In the UK we have handy individual plug switches, so even if a device is plugged in, it doesn’t need to use energy when you’re not using it.

Get your hands a little dirty – This is a more long-term trick, but consider making room in your home or garden to grow your own fruit and veg. This is genuine greener living, pun intended! Some things don’t even need a garden: tomatoes and strawberries can be plentiful indoors without a lot of mess and teach you and your family valuable lessons in patience, biology, and sustainable living at home.

Green transportation – By trying alternate modes of transportation, you can not only save money in terms of maintenance and fuel, but also make an instantaneous contribution to more sustainable living, UK style. Ride your bike or walk to the shops! Start a carpool for work or taking the kids to school! Encourage family rides, bikes, or even runs if you’re feeling optimistic!

For more information on the ingredients in products mentioned in this tip, visit What’s in Unilever Products here. For more tips on green living, check out this article.

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