Solar panel cleaning: Do you really need to bother?

Try these tips for solar panel cleaning to keep your energy source green and clean!


Blue house with Solar Panel

More of us are making an effort to make use of sustainable, renewable energy sources as we try to “go green”. This means items like solar panels are becoming more commonplace but once you have them installed you’ll have to start to think about washing solar panels.

Follow our tips on solar panel cleaning and find out why it’s important to keep them clean.

Always check the manufacturers guidelines first, as they may have a specific cleaning method. Cleaning in a different way may affect the warranty of your solar panels.

Do I need to clean solar panels?

When it comes to solar panel cleaning, the first question you might find yourself wondering is ‘why do solar panels need to be cleaned at all’. While they may not need doing regularly, here are a few reasons why you might need to clean your solar panels.

  • You have heavy bird poo on the solar panels which the rain doesn’t wash away, and which looks unsightly.
  • There has been unseasonably dry weather, meaning there has not been enough rain to wash dust, dirt and debris away.

Unless there is real evidence of the solar panels underperforming, or you can see visible signs of the dirt not being cleaned away naturally, it is best to leave them alone.

How to clean solar panels

Now you know why you might need to go about washing solar panels, here are some easy steps you can follow to get them back to perfect condition:

  1. Always ensure that if you need to access your roof you can do so safely. If this is not the case then call in a professional.
  2. Only clean the panels during cool weather, early mornings or cool evenings to prevent smudges or damage from cleaning the panels whilst they are hot.
  3. If you choose to clean your solar panels in the morning, dew may have softened any grime on the surface making them easier to clean.
  4. Avoid using abrasive tools which could scratch the panel surface.
  5. The best way to clean your solar panels is with clean water, a soft brush and a sponge.

Now you have our tips for cleaning solar panels on roof tiles, you can ensure they’re in top condition, making the most of the renewable energy they provide.

Health Warning

Do not attempt to clean your solar panels if you cannot access your roof safely. Always ensure you follow all necessary safety precautions for working at heights and don’t attempt the job if you’re unfamiliar with the process. Seek professional help as needed.

Key Steps

Remember these tips when washing solar panels:

  • You don’t need to clean solar panels often – only if they’re visibly dirty.
  • Only clean solar panels yourself if you can access the roof safely.
  • Follow the manufacturers care guidelines and use professionals if necessary.

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