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All hail the humble lemon: Cleaning hacks for the whole home

9 easy and simple lemon cleaning tips to try today.


half a lemon on the kitchen countertop

At Cleanipedia, we love natural cleaning ideas. So when life gives you lemons, it’s time to get cleaning. This super citrus is bursting with antibacterial and deodorising properties and packs a zesty cleaning punch. From the kitchen to the bathroom, these lemon cleaning tips will put the zing into your chores.

Before getting started, a few words of advice. Don’t use lemon or vinegar-based cleaners on your marble or granite surfaces – the acid can damage the surface. And keep your cleaning solutions away from any four-legged family members, as lemons contain chemical compounds that are toxic to cats and dogs.

1. Remove stains and odours from your wooden chopping board

For this simple hack all you’ll need is salt and a lemon. Sprinkle salt over the whole board, adding extra over stained patches. Then chop your lemon in half and rub over the board. Watch as the stains vanish before your eyes.

This technique will also help to remove the whiffy remnants of last night’s onion chopping. Just don’t forget to rinse off your board when you’re done.

half lemon and salt on wooden board

2. Freshen up a smelly fridge with lemons

If your fridge smells a little pongy, lemon makes for a super deodoriser. Leave a bowl of freshly squeezed lemon juice on the bottom shelf or soak a large cotton ball in lemon juice and leave in the fridge. Even half a lemon, fleshy side up on a plate will work a treat. Leave in for around a week and then switch out. If your fridge is in desperate need of a fuller clean, try our guide to cleaning your refrigerator.

3. Descale the kettle with lemon juice

Pesky limescale be gone! Simply mix around two tablespoons of lemon juice with two cups of cold water and pour into the kettle. Bring to a boil and then let the water cool. Empty out the water and give your kettle a few good rinses.

4. Mix lemon with olive oil for a hardwood furniture polish

Combine one cup of olive oil with half a cup of squeezed lemon juice and you’ll have a super furniture polish. Just remember to only use it on hardwoods. For more, check out our guide to cleaning and polishing wood.

5. Shiny windows and glass surfaces

Windows looking streaky? Lovely lemon to the rescue. Add seven tablespoons of lemon juice to a cup of cold water, then add to a spray bottle. Spray on windows and glass surfaces and wipe off using a sponge cloth to avoid pesky streaks.

6. Add some sparkle to your bathroom sink

It’s easy to put the shine back into a dull bathroom sink by cleaning with lemon juice and baking soda. Sprinkle some baking soda onto your sink (dry off any wet bits with a cloth before getting started). Then, using the fleshy part of half a cut lemon, rub the lemon into the baking soda until you’ve ‘polished’ the whole sink with the mixture. Then wash off.

half lemon in the bathroom sink

7. Polish those dull chrome taps

Lemon makes a super cleaning hack for chrome fixtures. Dip half a lemon in a small plate sprinkled with salt and then scrub the surfaces of your taps and chrome fixtures. Then wash off for a shiny finish.

8. Remove build-up on shower doors

Want to get rid of persistent limescale and soap mark build-up on your glass shower doors? Simply chop a lemon in half and rub over the glass, squeezing as you go, before washing off.

9. Cleaning with lemon juice and vinegar – the ideal all-rounders

If you’re looking for a brilliant all-natural multipurpose cleaner, lemon juice and distilled white vinegar make for a great cleaning combo, providing a gentler alternative to some abrasive chemical cleaners.

Add one part white vinegar, one part lemon juice and two parts water to a spray bottle. Lemon and white vinegar have high acidity levels that work to loosen calcium deposits and banish soap scum, making them ta great cleaning duo for bathrooms and kitchens alike.

lemons, spray, brush and cleaning cloth

And now you’re done. If you’ve worked up a sweat with your citrus-inspired cleaning graft and have some leftover lemons kicking around, why not treat yourself yourself to a warm soak in a hot bath filled with a few drops of lemon juice? Or toast your efforts with a glass of fresh lemonade – six large lemons equals about 350ml of juice. Then maybe it's time to chill and plan your next natural cleaning jobs with these white vinegar cleaning tips.

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