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Top food waste recycling tips and tricks

Try our tips to reduce food waste and save money while helping the environment.


By Cleanipedia Team

Bagged up vegetables for food recycling

Key Steps

To tackle your food waste, remember to:

  • Shop smart. Only buy what you need.
  • Store your food properly and pay close attention to use-by dates.
  • Save and reuse leftovers for other meals.

Instead of throwing your leftover food away, why not look at household waste recycling instead? Here we’ll look at some food waste facts and ways you can make use of the food you’d normally throw away.

To help you reduce the need for food waste recycling start shopping smarter and reducing your food waste. Write a shopping list from a meal plan and stick to it!

How concerned are you about disinfecting while cleaning?

What is food waste?

Food waste is the surplus food from both the process of providing us with food in the supermarket and also leftovers from meals and food we don’t use at home.

Why do we need to reduce food waste?

Food wastage is a hot topic and there are many reasons why we should be aiming to reduce our own personal waste – such as saving money and protecting the environment. Here are a few food waste facts, courtesy of fareshare.org.uk, which will help you understand the scale of the problem.

  • Businesses which supply us with food waste 1.9 million tonnes a year. That’s for the UK alone.
  • Thanks to over-production, labelling errors or short shelf-life dates, 250,000 tonnes of perfectly edible food goes to waste a year.

Top tips for what to do with food waste

When it comes to kitchen waste disposal, it is so easy to just think that we should throw it all away. Instead we’ll show you how to recycle food waste in order to save money and the environment.

Store your food so it keeps for longer.

Check the temperature of your fridge, invest in a potato bag, and keep your food in good condition for longer.

Use all the “ugly” fruits and veg.

Once they are peeled, chopped and cooked they all look the same anyway!

Turn scraps into stock.

Use all the ends, peels, stalks and other leftover bits of veg to create an amazing homemade stock. Sauté the veg in pan with oil or butter then add water, then simmer. If you don't need all the stock right away then sieve the liquid into an ice cube tray to create stock cubes for future use.

Add flavour to water.

We can all be accused of not drinking enough water, so add a little extra flavour with citrus peels and use leftover fruit tops and herbs to make a nutritious, tasty smoothie.

Now you have some easy ways to reduce food waste you can be sure to make small changes to save money and the environment. For more tips on reducing food waste, read our article here.

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