What can we recycle?

It's great how many different items & materials we can recycle these days! Find out exactly what to recycle in this simple guide!


plastic bottles for recycling

Recycling is one of the most beneficial acts we can carry out to save and preserve our environment. Recycling is the process of gathering waste materials and processing them into new items that can be used again – so, what can we recycle? Today, many different items and materials can be recycled, whether they come from our home or office. Many products now state whether or not they can be recycled; therefore make sure to look out for the universal recycling symbol. Before we go through a list of things we can recycle, there are several steps that can be taken to improve your recycling experience and help maintain a healthy environment for future generations.

If the product is non recyclable, try and opt for products and packaging that is reusable such as Cif Eco Refill.

Preliminary steps towards what to recycle

Purchase a recycling bin

Buying a recycling bin will make your recycling experience at home much easier and more enjoyable. You’ll be able to separate recycled items from other waste within seconds.

Buy recycled items

You can purchase recycled items such as recycled paper, which helps reduce the amount of waste and demonstrates that recycled items are in demand.

Things we can recycle

Clothes & textiles

If you have any unwanted clothes, you can either pass them on to friends or relatives or take them to your nearest recycling bank. You can also take unwanted and used clothes to charity shops.

Phones & computers

Many websites allow you to donate your unwanted phones. Many brands now accept their items back and will recycle them for you, so it’s recommended to check the brand’s recycling offers, too.

Electrical equipment

Many electrical items can be recycled including hairdryers, fridges, and washing machines, to name a few. First, check with the manufacturer to see if they will take your items back and recycle them for you. You can also contact your local council or recycling centre.

What can we recycle at home

Below is a list of what we can recycle at home.


Cardboard takes up a lot of space and is actually one of the main materials that can be recycled. Make sure to flatten all cardboard before recycling collectors pick it up.


There are several websites that allow you to trade furniture with the community. Some charity shops also accept unwanted furniture.


Paper is one of the most recycle-friendly materials on our planet. From magazine to newspapers, books to junk mail, you can recycle a variety of papers by simply popping it in your recycling bin at home.

Food Packaging

A high number of foods and drinks are packed in materials that can be recycled. Milk cartons, juice boxes, and pizza boxes are just a few of the products that can be thrown away in your recycling bin. Again make sure to check the packaging for the universal recycling symbol as this will help you identify whether or not the material at hand can be recycled.

Metal, glass, wood & plastic

Metal, glass, wood, and most kinds of plastic can be recycled. Before you dispose of any unwanted items double check that they are made out of the above materials. If so, place them in your recycling bin or take them down to your local recycling bank.

Remember, recycling used and unwanted items is a fantastic task and is easy to do! By following the list of things we can recycle, we are able to save our planet and create a better and healthier future for ourselves and our children.

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