Earth Day tips

Looking for ways to help the environment? Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 – find out what you can do & why we need to recycle to conserve natural resources.

Quite simply, recycling is one of the best methods we have of protecting and conserving the natural world we live in. By re-using old materials, we can save the energy it would take to produce new ones.

Sounds easy enough, right? Yet many of us still forget to do our bit for the environment – which is exactly why Earth Day is a great opportunity to demonstrate a personal commitment to conserving energy, and to teach the next generation why we need to recycle so they can continue this good work.

Here are some easy and eco-friendly activities you can do this April 22nd, and every day afterwards:

How Do We Recycle?

Do you have a recycling bin at home? Start by making sure you know what materials you should be recycling, e.g. plastic, glass and paper, then check with your local council to see whether they provide a collection service. If not, find out where the nearest recycling bank is and vow to make regular trips.

If you’d like to go one step further, set up a compost bin – this is a highly effective way of turning household waste into nutrient-rich soil for the garden, whilst reducing the amount that’s dumped on landfill sites.

Green Clean

When you’re doing the laundry, go green! Persil has some helpful tips to guide you – you can save energy (and money!) by using a quick wash cycle or by washing at 30°C rather than at a hotter temperature. What better reason to offer someone who asks why do we recycle?

Plant Something Green

Trees and plants absorb harmful gasses like CO­, but they’re also a symbol of vitality – a signal that natural life thrives in even the most urban environments. In order to teach children why we recycle, or to simply state your commitment to this cause, plant a tree or shrub in your own garden. If you don’t have any outdoor space, houseplants or indoor herbs will still breathe new life into your home.

Drive Less, Walk & Cycle More

We’re always being told to get more exercise for the good of our health – but what about for the benefit of the environment too? Modern transport is one of the largest sources of pollution today, so if you only need to make a short journey, consider walking or cycling there instead.

It’s easy to assume one person’s actions will have little or no impact – but what if everyone thought the same? Make a small change to your environment this Earth Day. It could mean something big for our planet in future.

Did You Know?

Every 22nd April, people around the world celebrate Earth Day in order to raise the awareness of environmental issues, and more specifically to remind us all why we should recycle.