Is your bathroom drain emitting sewer smells? Follow these tips for a simple solution!

If your bathroom drain is emitting a sewer-like odour, there is a possibility that it is engulfed with sewer gas. This occurrence is not only unhealthy for your family but also embarrassing when you have guests at home. Further, this foul smell might cause an explosion. Adopt any of the following procedures to ensure you are not troubled by the unpleasant smell.

Updated February 13, 2019

is your bathroom drain emitting sewer smells follow these tips for a simple solution

1) Method 1

Straighten the wire hanger, bend one end to form a hook. Put this hook to remove the debris that is blocking the drain, leaving it clean and free-flowing.

Add a scoop of detergent in a bucket of boiled water and pour this water through your pipes every few weeks to prevent the sludge build up.

2) Method 2

Boil about 2 litres of water. Add a spoonful of liquid detergent and stir. Pour this boiling water into the drain to dissolve the sludge and fat on the walls of the drain. Repeat the process for a couple of more times to allow the drain pipe to run more freely.

3) Method 3

Take a cup of baking soda and pour it into the drain. Consequently, add another cup of vinegar. Let the mixture sit for 15 minutes. Then pour a bucket of boiled water for the final blow.

Originally published August 5, 2019