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Amazing Ways to Keep your Bathroom Smelling Fresh, Always!

You may have a stylish bathroom, but if it smells unpleasant, you need to do something about it right away. Here are some fast and effective cleaning tips and tricks to get rid of unpleasant odours from your bathroom and keep it smelling fresh.


How to Keep your Bathroom Smelling Fresh | Cleanipedia

Your bathroom may be one of the most used rooms in your home. With recurring exposure to steam, soap, water etc., your bathroom may start to smell. If ignored, the odour can become strong and displeasing. We have listed a few easy tips to help you clear the odour and make your bathroom smell fresh again.

Let’s get started.

1) Use Essential Oils

In a bowl, mix 3 cups of water and 15-20 drops of your preferred essential oil, such as lavender, eucalyptus, or orange oil. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and keep it in your toilet. Spray as needed.

2) Use Coffee Beans

Fill a glass vase or bowl with coffee beans or baking soda and set it on your bathroom counter. Both household products help absorb odours from the air, keeping your bathroom fresh and pleasant.


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3) Clean Your Bathroom with Vinegar

A mixture of baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar is effective in removing odour. Mix 1 tbsp. each of lemon juice and baking soda to get an even consistency. Spread this paste on the floor of your bathroom using a damp sponge or rag and leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with water.

4) Open Windows for Ventilation

Proper ventilation can help you get rid of unpleasant smells. If you have an exhaust fan, switch it on after you use the bathroom. If not, open the bathroom door or window to let in fresh air. Try to keep the walls in your bathroom dry at all times, as moisture can cause mildew build-up and result in a musty-smelling bathroom.

These simple tips will keep your bathroom smelling fresh at all times.

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