Easy ways to solve bathroom problems

Want to solve your bathroom problems like a pro? Here are the best ways to fix them yourself in no time!


Easy ways to solve bathroom problems

Clogged drains, leaky taps and rusty faucets in your bathroom worrying you? Well, problems like these can knock your door at any time. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below-mentioned are a few easy tips which can solve these problems.

1) For Clogged Drains

Create a mixture of ½ bowl vinegar and ½ bowl hot water. Pour this mixture into the drain and cover it up. Wait for 10 minutes, let the solution do its job. After 10 minutes, pour another bowl of boiling water and watch the drain get unclogged like magic!

2) For Rusty Faucets

Cut a lemon into 2 halves, take 1 of it and rub over the rusty faucet. Let it stay for a while. Then, liberally sprinkle some salt and some lemon juice over it to evenly cover the rusty part and wait for 2-3 hours. Now use the lemon rind and thoroughly scrub the faucet to get rid of the rust.

3) For Leaky Taps

Disjoin the tap by reading the manufacturer’s manual. Then, dip it in a mixture of hot water and lime juice, 1 cup each, for 15 minutes. Then wipe it with a clean rag and assemble the tap carefully. Take an expert’s help if needed.

There you have it! Simple and effective tips to fix your bathroom problems.

A clogged bathroom drain is not only frustrating but also it can increase the risk of damage to your pipes and cause bigger problems. Try these simple tips and keep those problems at bay.

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