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Tips to Clear Hair and Dirt Clogged in Your Shower Drain in Minutes

How to clean a choked shower drain is one of the most sought-after bathroom cleaning tips. Here are some simple and effective ways.


How to Clear a Clogged Shower Drain | Cleanipedia

If you have long tresses, you may have to deal with choked shower drains more frequently.  However, it isn’t exclusive. It happens to everybody. Over time, the drain gets clogged with stray hair strands, pet fur, residue soap particles etc. Hard water supply is known to amplify the problem. Avoid choking and overflowing of the shower drain by cleaning it regularly.   

Use the tips given below to unclog your shower drain efficiently. 

1) Use Wire Snake 

Take an old metal wire and straighten it. Bend one end of the wire using a plier to form a hook. Use this hook to remove hair strands and other items choking your shower drain. It cannot get any easier and faster than this.

2) Use a Plunger 

Pour water around the drain pipe to wet it thoroughly. Press the plunger on the drain. The vacuum pressure will suck out the hair strands or at least bring it to the surface. You can then use a wire snake to take it out. Pour water again to see if the drain is clear. Repeat, if necessary. 

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3) Use Baking Soda 

If the blockage is severe, make a cleaning solution by mixing 3 cups of baking soda with ½ a cup of vinegar. Pour this solution down the drain and plug a rubber stopper in it instead of placing the lid. Let the solution react for 15 minutes. Baking soda will break down the hair strands and grime, while the vinegar will soften it. Now, pour boiling water down the drain. The strands will break down and fragmented. Use the wire snake to remove the mess. 

Finally, you can use a bathroom cleaner to clean the area around the drain thoroughly to get rid of any dirt and grime. You can try using Domex Floor Cleaner for this.  

Pamper yourself with a nice, hot shower. 


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