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Making an Eco-Friendly Toilet Freshener at Home Has Never Been Easier!

Keep your toilet smelling fresh with these easy, DIY toilet fresheners.


How to Make Eco-Friendly Toilet Air Freshener | Cleanipedia

We’ve all felt the need to purchase an air freshener to mask all those embarrassing odours. Have you ever thought of making these fresheners at home? You can! Making these at home avoids the use of harmful chemicals and is extremely easy to do. Here are a few amazing DIY recipes to create all-natural air fresheners for your toilets.

1) Lemon-Rosemary Bowl

A few easily available ingredients from the market will ensure your toilet never stinks. All you’ll need is a lemon, vanilla essence and rosemary. Fill half a bowl with water. Add 1 sliced lemon, a few sprigs of rosemary and ½ tbsp. of vanilla essence to it. Place the bowl in your bathroom. Repeat the process every three days to keep your toilet smelling fresh.

2) Scented Wooden Blocks

Pour 2 cups of scented oil in a container and place a wooden block in it. Any type of wood would absorb the oils, you can pick one that is easily available in the market. Let it sit overnight. By the morning the block would have absorbed the oil. Keep this wooden block in your toilet. Try different scented oils to change the fragrance frequently.

3) Essential Oils

Fill a container with ¾ cup water, 2 tbsp. vodka and 1 tbsp. rubbing alcohol (acetone or hand sanitiser). Now, add 8 drops of peppermint essential oil and stir well. Pour this mixture in a spray bottle and use whenever needed. You can try various essential oils for a different fragrance once the bottle is used up.

Cleaning your toilet regularly is not a difficult task. It’s the best way to eliminate bad odours and kill germs. Post-cleaning, using these tips to make a DIY freshener will leave your toilet smelling good as well.


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