Do you have a leaky showerhead? Here’s a simple fix!

It is nothing short of a harrowing experience when you’re in the shower and the force of the water isn’t what it should be.

Updated February 13, 2019

Do you have a leaky showerhead? Here’s a simple fix!

Before spending a few 100 rupees on getting professional help, check this article for a quick fix.

If you have more than one bathroom that you can utilize, you could use the other bathroom sink, if it’s large enough.

Step 1:

Turn off the water supply. Before beginning any plumbing related job, turn off the water supply. A leaking shower head can be caused by clogged holes, resulting from hard water build up.

Step 2:

Remove the showerhead faceplate. As you’ll have to soak and scrub the parts of the shower head that have the hard water buildup, removing the faceplate is necessary.

Step 3:

Immerse the faceplate in vinegar for 8 hours. Take a container large enough to hold the faceplate. Fill the container with vinegar and place it inside the container.

Step 4:

Manually remove leftover deposits. After 8 hours, the hard water residue will have dissolved. Now, stick a toothpick into each hole of the faceplate to remove the grime and dirt. Then, scrub the faceplate clean with a stiff plastic brush dipped in Vim dishwash gel. Later, rinse it thoroughly.

Step 5:

Check the leak. Attach the showerhead back, turn the water supply on and the problem should be fixed!

Happy bathing!

Originally published August 5, 2019