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Simple tips to take care of your pest problem

With the exception of the kitchen area, you will find more pests in your bathroom than the rest of your house.


How to Clean Moths & Insects from your Bathroom | Cleanipedia

Insects and moths see bathroom as a convenient source of water. Follow these tips and ensure that they never come to your bathroom again.

Use vinegar for cleaning. It has an effective reaction on tough stains and helps keep insects away from the bathroom.

Has your cleaning regime changed during the Covid-19 lockdown?

1) Deep clean once in 2 months

Get to the little nooks and crannies. Wear your rubber gloves, grab a fresh scrubber, and using a cleaning agent, scrub the bathroom clean.


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2) Quick clean once a week

Get rid of the dampness and keep the bathroom as dry as possible. Using a damp rag that is dipped in vinegar, scrub the corners thoroughly. Scrub the pipes and shower heads by liberally sprinkling water and baking soda simultaneously. Later, rinse the bathroom thoroughly.

3) Check for leaky pipes

If you notice leaky pipes, get it fixed immediately. In case you’re staying away from home for long, turn off the water supply.

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