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How to Clean a Shower Curtain

Cleaning shower doors and curtains are easy when you know how! Find out the best cleaning methods with this how-to guide.



Regularly tackling the shower area should be an established part of anyone’s cleaning routine. On a daily basis, the shower door or curtain is exposed to the full force of water, shower-care products, and soap suds, so it shouldn’t be ignored. Here is the best way to clean shower doors and shower curtains effectively.

You can buff shower door glass to a high shine by teaming your shower glass cleaner up with a ball of newspaper! Just spray your product on (or dip the newspaper in) and rub the ball of paper over the glass in a circular pattern. Use a wide sweeping motion to eliminate streaks.

How to a Clean Shower Curtain in 5 Steps


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Step 1:

First, soak the curtain in a bath, or large tub of water with biological washing powder mixed in.

Step 2:

Leave the curtain soaked in for as long as possible (preferably overnight) to loosen any deposits. Fungal growth in the hems or edges can be scrubbed with an old toothbrush.

Step 3:

After the initial soak, put your shower curtain into the washing machine to clean it properly. Consider adding one or two towels into the machine too: the abrasive texture of towels means that they help dislodge dirt from the curtain. Remember: always check the label on your shower curtain for specific washing instructions.

Step 4:

Adding a small amount of vinegar to the wash load or final rinse will deodorize the curtain and serve as a disinfectant.

Step 5:

For shower curtains that can’t be washed in the machine, spray with a cleaning solution, and then wipe down.

Key Steps:

1. Always follow the instructions for your shower cleaning product and wear appropriate safety protection.

2. When machine-washing shower curtains add a couple of towels to your wash – the abrasive texture can help to dislodge dirt.

So, in 5 steps your work is done! A clean, soap-free shower door or curtain is yours.

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