How To Clean Your Bathroom Floor & Keep Tiles Sparkling

Want to know the best way to clean bathroom floor tiles or other types of bathroom flooring? Read on for bathroom floor cleaning tips and tricks.


muddy footprints on dirty tiles

Bathroom floor cleaning may not be one of our favourite jobs, but with the accumulation of all that dirt and bacteria, it’s an important one! Getting the bathroom tiles back to their sparkling self is satisfying, so follow these bathroom floor cleaning tips to make sure no corner or crevice is missed.

Sweep or vacuum the bathroom floor regularly to avoid build-up of dust and grime, and keep the bathroom well ventilated to prevent mildew and mould.

How to clean bathroom floor tiles and other types of bathroom flooring

Bathroom flooring, whether it’s is made of tiling, rubber, vinyl, linoleum or wood, is easy to clean thoroughly with these steps.

  1. Firstly, clear the floor so that you have full access to the space. Move the bathroom mat (and wash if necessary), the bin, and any other removable objects or items of furniture.
  2. Remove surface dust from the bathroom flooring by sweeping or vacuuming the area. If you choose to vacuum, ensure that it is on a setting suitable for hard flooring.
  3. The best way to clean bathroom floor tiles is with a mop, but you may prefer to use a cloth if you are covering a small area. Fill a bucket with five litres of warm water and three caps of a good-quality floor cleaner, like Cif. Make sure you follow the instructions on the product label, and test any cleaning products on a small inconspicuous area of the bathroom flooring
  4. Dip your mop head into the bucket of floor cleaning solution, and wring out excess water. Applying too much water to some types of flooring can cause damage, and can result in more of a mess than you started with!
  5. Starting at the far end of the room and working your way towards the door, mop the floor thoroughly, paying attention to every corner. You may need to dunk and wring out the mop a couple of times, depending on the size of the floor space you are covering.
  6. Once the floor is looking thoroughly clean, take a towel and dry off the floor to avoid any mildew build-up, or accidental slipping.

How to clean bathroom floor tile grout

Sometimes the usual bathroom floor cleaning routine isn’t enough to tackle the germs and mildew that can accumulate in the grout between bathroom floor tiles. To give your grout some extra attention, start by following the above steps 1 to 6. Choose an anti-fungal specialist grout cleaner, or a bleach-based cleaner like Domex spray, but bear in mind that bleach should be avoided on porous surfaces like marble. Ensure that the room is well-ventilated and that your hands are protected, and test the product on a small hidden area of the floor before you begin. Apply the cleaner to the grout, and leave it for 10 minutes, before scrubbing with a toothbrush or bristled brush.

And there you have it! Your bathroom flooring should now be looking sparkling and smelling fresh.

Key Steps:

  1. Clear the bathroom floor of objects or furniture.
  2. Remove dust by vacuuming or sweeping.
  3. Clean the bathroom flooring using a mop and floor cleaning solution.
  4. Dry the floor with a towel.

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