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How to clean a toilet thoroughly

It’s highly important to have a toilet that is clean, hygienic and fresh-smelling. But, do you know how to clean toilets in the most effective way? Find out in our four-step guide with top tips to clean toilet!


Before You Start:

  • A properly clean toilet is only achieved when the tools used are also clean! Rinsing the tools, such as toilet brushes, in a hot water and disinfectant solution is often the best option. To keep a clean toilet, this should ideally be done regularly, and before you use the brush to clean the bowl. This article provides you with detailed information about it. Always ensure taking all the necessary safety precautions!
  • Make sure that you have proper cleaning solutions that you think work the best. Usually, it is better if these products have been specially formulated for bathroom use. However, if you prefer to limit the number of chemicals that you want to use at home, it is always possible to use alternatives like vinegar or baking soda.
  • Keep in mind to always wear protective clothing when dealing with bleach-based products, since these products might harm your skin and eyes if not handled properly. So, wear gloves, make sure that the area is well-ventilated, and keep the cleaning solutions away from your face.
Keeping the outside of your toilet clean is just as important as cleaning your toilet bowl.  Use the bathroom brush to clean the outside of the commode, after which it is recommended to use a disinfectant product like Domex toilet cleaner to wipe it all over with the help of tissue papers.

Step-by-step guide to clean toilet


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Step 1:

The best way to ensure a clean toilet is to make the cleanable area as large as possible. To achieve this, make sure to drain as much water as you can. The best option for this is to use a plunger.

Safety Warning

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Step 2:

Lift the toilet seat and apply bleach or cleaning liquid around the rim, letting it run down the sides. Make sure to get it inside the corners and under the commode curve as well. Use a brush if you want to make sure that most of the surface is covered with the bleach. After you have done this, let the bleach sit for at least twenty minutes. You can also leave it overnight if it is safe to do so, this will give you the best result! Once the time has passed, take a toilet brush to scrub any stains away and brush the bowl once again before flushing the toilet to rinse away the cleaner. For that perfectly clean toilet, make sure you keep scrubbing while the water drains away!

Step 3:

Now, it is time to clean the outside of the toilet. Starting from the top, wipe your way down the entire area; including the lid and flush handle. Clean both sides of the seat and the lid thoroughly!  Stains and bacteria also accumulate at the base of the toilet and behind it, so it is best to use tissue papers soaked in a disinfectant. DomexToilet Cleaner is a great option when doing this, and make sure that you obtain that perfectly clean toilet!

Step 4:

Lastly, make sure to use a toilet rim block, which is the disinfectant soap that cleans your pot with every flush.

Cleaning the toilet may not always be the most fun or easiest thing to do. However, to make sure that you have a clean toilet, make it a part of your daily routine. It does not have to be as thorough as we have explained in this guide, but a quick scrub on a regular basis goes a long way!

This, in combination with the use of a rim block, will ensure that you have a fresh-smelling, clean toilet.

Key Steps

  • Use a thick bleach or toilet disinfectant around the rim. Make sure to leave it on for a while before rinsing it off!
  • Clean and dry the outside of the toilet thoroughly.
  • Use Domex Toilet Rim Blocks to keep your toilet fresh, clean and hygienic with every flush.

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